Piers Morgan shows extent of his ignorance by slamming Sam Smith’s decision to dress in menswear

Reiss Smith November 11, 2019
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Sam Smith and Piers Morgan

Sam Smith, who is non-binary, and Piers Morgan, who is a man, both wearing menswear. (Getty)

We regret to inform you that Good Morning Britain host and Sam Smith obsessive Piers Morgan has been at it again.

Morgan retweeted two photos of Smith wearing Mans Concept Menswear, a Spanish ready-to-wear brand, on Sunday (November 10) afternoon.

“Sorry, WHAT?” he wrote. “I thought you were now ‘gender non-binary’? Are you back to being a man again?”

It appears that Morgan took issue with Smith, who is non-binary, wearing a brand sold as menswear, despite – as one follower explained – the fact that clothing and gender identity are two very different concepts.

“Clue is in the tweet,” wrote Abi Lizzie.

“See: ‘wearing.’ This is not saying: ‘I’m male.’ It’s saying: ‘I’m wearing menswear.’

“Women also wear menswear sometimes. Children dress up in menswear sometimes. Hell, I’ve even seen a dog in a tie before. Attire does not indicate gender.”

A spokesperson for Mans said that the brand believes in “fashion for all genders, obviously.”

“We believe that in these times we should not even consider that something is predestined exclusively for a specific gender,” they told PinkNews.

As Abi explained, non-binary people are free to present as male, female, or anywhere on the spectrum of gender.

This is something that non-binary writer and activist Owl recently discussed in a Metro op-ed.

“Traditionally women dress femininely and men dress in a masculine manner,” they wrote.

People can present in all sorts of ways. Your clothes don’t make you who you are.

“So when we think of non-binary people, the assumption is that they will be somewhere in between that, looking androgynous. But that isn’t always the case.

“People can present in all sorts of ways. Your clothes don’t make you who you are, even though they can be a tool to let us express ourselves in a way that makes us comfortable and ensure we are seen how we want to be.

“Non-binary people can dress in a variety of ways and there are plenty of non-binary people who present in a feminine or a masculine manner.”

Since coming out as non-binary, Smith has been photographed wearing clothes typically thought of as menswear, womenswear, and combinations of both.

In September, they attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards in a black suit, lace shirt and three-inch heels.

They later shared a photo of the heels, and wrote: “There was a time where I thought I’d never ever ever be able to be myself like this in front of the industry or anyone. It feels so good and I just wanted to share that with you all, and share a picture of my GORJ Gucci heels.”

Smith’s gender identity has made them a constant target of abuse from Morgan, who suggested that they came out “for popularity” and later ridiculed the notion of there being more than two genders by claiming to identify as a “two spirit penguin”.

Almost 1,000 people have complained about Morgan’s insults towards the trans and non-binary community, however the regulator ruled that the host “did not raise issues warranting investigation”.

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