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This Scottish rock bar’s gender neutral bathroom policy is putting all other bars to shame

Patrick Kelleher November 9, 2019
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A gender neutral bathroom is seen at a coffee shop in Washington, DC, on May 5, 2016.


A bar in Scotland is winning praise on Twitter after it changed its bathroom policy to make it kinder and more inclusive to trans and non-binary people.

The Banshee Labyrinth – which claims to be Scotland’s “most haunted pub” – has had a viral moment after somebody shared the bar’s updated bathroom policy.

“One of my local rock bars is gendering correctly,” the Twitter user wrote.

The bathroom policy notes that the bar’s “outdated, gender-specified bathroom set up” is causing problems for trans and non-binary people.

“While we work to put in place a better set up, we will be operating a gender neutral system,” the policy continues.

Discrimination and abuse of trans and non-binary people will not be tolerated, bar’s management says.

They then go on to tell the bar’s regulars how to use their new bathroom system: they have three bathrooms – including an accessible one – which can now be used by any reveller regardless of their gender identity.

“It goes without saying that discrimination and abuse will not be tolerated,” the bathroom policy adds.

They then hilariously list things that have “not changed” in the bar’s bathrooms. They reiterate that there is only one person allowed in a cubicle at a time, there are to be “nae drugs” and those caught with them will be “booted out,” and they ask those who “sprinkle when they tinkle” to clean up.

They end the incredible bathroom policy with the hashtag: #everybodypoops.

An image of the policy was shared on 8 November and has already been liked more than 12,000 times and retweeted almost 4,000 times.

It goes without saying that discrimination and abuse will not be tolerated.

It was shared by @mebisdead, who later told their followers that the new bathroom policy was “a staff initiative” and was introduced thanks to feedback from “trans heroes in Edinburgh.”

They also added: “Non binary people rock. Support trans children. Terfs get tae.”

The bar has won praise on Twitter for the new bathroom policy.

The new bathroom policy has gotten a huge amount of praise online. One woman was thrilled by how Scottish the signage is.

Another pointed out a very simple truth.

Somebody else believes they’ve found their new favourite bar without ever even having been there before.

Another Twitter user said that the initiative was a response to feedback from their partner.

Now we can only hope that this thinking catches on and other bars follow suit.

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