4 November 2019

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Woman thinks her bisexual boyfriend is secretly gay because he’s ‘flamboyant’ and it’s textbook bi erasure

LGBT refugee from Syria

This gay man who escaped persecution in Syria is dedicating his life to helping other LGBT refugees

Brexit Party candidate refuses to deny homosexuality is a sin in train wreck interview

Pete Buttigieg faces backlash from African-Americans over police shooting

Pete Buttigieg says leaders of countries where homosexuality is illegal will ‘have to get used’ to a gay president

lgbt migrants in mexico

Trump is overwhelmingly abandoning vulnerable LGBT migrants to face abuse at Mexican border

Gay radio host Seth Dunlap speaking into a radio microphone

Gay sports host who was allegedly called a f*g by his radio station has been fired

Faithful Word Baptist church pastor Steven Anderson

This is why homophobic ‘death to gays’ hate preacher Steven Anderson was banned from Ireland

People gather to celebrate in Saint George's Square after the Maltese parliament approved a civil unions bill in Valletta on April 14, 2014. (Matthew Mirabelli/AFP via Getty Images)

Trans woman told she should be ‘raped without mercy’ in horrific example of hate mail she receives daily

Queer birth workers want to make perinatal care more inclusive of LGBT+ parents.

Same-sex parents will be allowed both names on their child’s birth certificate in Ireland, but there’s a catch

Supreme Court justices met with leader of homophobic hate group ahead of judgements on landmark LGBT rights cases

Doctors concerned over antibiotic resistant bacteria found in gay men

Doctors concerned over sexually transmitted antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in gay men

parents and LGBT+ inclusive education

Primary schools shouldn’t need permission from parents to teach LGBT inclusive lessons, says UK equality watchdog

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