25 October 2019

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Someone put Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s scorching takedown of Mark Zuckerberg on PornHub because of course

Tati Westbrook breaks silence on James Charles, asks for ‘hate to stop’

Tati Westbrook talks about being ‘stabbed in the back’ following James Charles drama


An overwhelming majority of homophobic hate crimes end in convictions, but more work needs to be done with transphobic hate

Donald Trump has reportedly not attended Elijah Cummings' funeral

Donald Trump reportedly no-showed funeral of congressman and staunch LGBT ally Elijah Cummings

Actor bravely confronts ‘f**king rapist’ Harvey Weinstein at New York actors event – and is kicked out for their trouble

A poster for a 'build a better bussy' bootcamp

A poster advertising a ‘build a better bussy’ class with a photo of a woman’s rear sent gay Twitter off the deep end


There’s a second Chick-fil-A restaurant in the Scottish Highlands and nobody seems to have noticed

Boris Johnson is under fire for telling Jeremy Corbyn to "man up" in a recent interview. (Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Someone really needs to tell Boris Johnson to stop using the incredibly toxic phrase ‘man up’

This Latino Libertarian wants to make history as America’s first-ever intersex lawmaker

Exterior of a Phones4U store. (Newscast/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Phones4U businessman dies in jail while serving sentence for murdering transgender wife

Captain Marvel and Valkyrie romantic relationship

Don’t get your hopes up about Captain Marvel and Valkyrie getting together anytime soon, Thor director warns

Nina West, Meghan McCain and Monét X Change

Monét X Change and Nina West made Meghan McCain an ‘official Ru girl’ and fans are not impressed

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