22 October 2019

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South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is running for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States, campaigns in Clinton, Iowa.

Pete Buttigieg surges into third place in Democratic presidential race in key state poll

LGBT+ homeless youth human trafficking

LGBT and African American homeless youth at huge risk of human trafficking, according to study

queer running for president

White straight man rants about a ‘queer running for president’ while claiming white straight men have very few rights

The Daily Mail finally reveals who it thinks is the ‘powerful trans lobby’. It’s one man in a flower crown

Andrea Williams on This Morning. (Screen capture via ITV)

It’s 2019 and for some reason same-sex marriage is still being ‘debated’ on live TV

View out to sea from Creux Harbour on Sark, showing fishing boats in silhouette on a grey sea with a cloudy grey sky, 21st November 2008

This is the only place left in the British Isles without same-sex marriage

The important reason Elizabeth Warren is demanding special treatment for transgender asylum seekers

Canada passes historic bill to ban conversion therapy once and for all

This is what Justin Trudeau winning a second term as Canada’s prime minister means for the LGBT community

Harry Styles keeps his clothes in a secret vault. Yes, really

Monica Toro Lisciandro was dismissed from Covenant Christian School in Palm Bay

Gay musical theatre teacher says she was sacked from Christian school for going to Pride

File photo of a cheerleader

Football players chant ‘sickening’ homophobic slurs at male cheerleader. He’s just 14-years-old

2009 Family Guy episode "Road to the Multiverse" featured the Universe of Homosexual Men, populated by naked gay men

Family Guy won’t be phasing out jokes about gay people anytime soon, according to Peter Griffin

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