17 October 2019

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Frank Ocean is hosting his own queer club night

Frank Ocean’s new queer club night is called PrEP+ and we want to go there immediately

Ann Widdecombe, who thinks homosexuality can be cured, confronted on live TV for ‘peddling’ hate

Russell T Davies accepted the award for Lifetime Achievement at the PinkNews Awards 2019. (Paul Grace)

Russell T Davies launches damning attack on Trump and Boris Johnson in epic, inspiring and tear-jerking speech

Leah Bracknell

Leah Bracknell, who played much-loved Emmerdale lesbian character, dies after battle with lung cancer

Kellogg's launched the All Together cereal

Kellogg’s is launching an LGBT-themed cereal so you can start your day with maximum gay

Toxic masculinity makes men do some... strange things. (Screen captures via Twitter)

This man getting a haircut with an axe and a hammer is the dictionary definition of toxic masculinity

Dennis and Judy Shepard, parents of Matthew Shepard

Matthew Shepard’s parents deliver scathing put-down of Trump administration for pretending to honour their son

Elton John and Michael Jackson

Elton John says Michael Jackson was a ‘disturbing person to be around’

Sam Smith shares heartwarming poem about pronouns sent by their auntie

An iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphone.

Russian man drops lawsuit against Apple after claiming iPhone turned him gay and made him leave his girlfriend

Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, John Barrowman, Baga Chipz and more stars from PinkNews have one thing to say: ‘Gay rights!’

Here’s all the winners and presenters from last night’s historic PinkNews Awards

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