15 October 2019

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The firefighters calendar features the internet's two favourite things: hot men and kittens

These firefighters posing with rescue cats for a steamy charity calendar is the most ambitious crossover event in history

A giant trans flag outside the US Supreme Court as a community response to the landmark Supreme Court hearings that could legalise workplace discrimination against LGBTQ+ people

Trans people who undergo surgical transition are much less likely to need mental health services, study finds

Gender-critical feminist Posie Parker in video with white nationalist YouTuber – and a lot of Mumsnet users are fine with it

same-sex couple daughter citizenship

Daughter of a same-sex couple ‘doesn’t exist’ after being refused citizenship by three different countries

trans lawyer fights at supreme court

The trans lawyer who defended trans rights in the landmark Supreme Court case has a sobering warning

Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren explained why they don't support plans to scrap tax exemption status for churches

This is why Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren want anti-LGBT churches to keep tax-exempt status


Headteacher turns down free Chick-fil-A to stand in solidarity with LGBT staff

Gay and bi men convicted under abolished homophobic laws to be pardoned in Scotland

Leslie Roberts celebrated National Coming Out Day by speaking about his sexuality

Veteran news anchor comes out as gay in moving address to viewers

Cardiff, Wales, UK, August 24th 2019. The head of the Welsh parade passes Cardiff Castle during the Pride Cymru parade as part of a weekend of celebrations on the 20th anniversary of the event. (Photo credit should read Mark Hawkins/Composed Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Man pummelled his neighbour while calling him a ‘f*****g queer’ in horrific homophobic attack

Mum shares moving story of what happened when her 10-year-old daughter saw Christine and the Queens

David Cowan, a deaf interpreter, activist and community leader, dancing his heart out at Atlanta Pride. (Screen capture via Twitter)

This sign language interpreter at Pride is now a gay icon and we have no choice but to stan

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