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Viral video sums up how homophobes love to make life difficult for themselves

Josh Milton October 5, 2019
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A viral video of a man opting to make his life more difficult instead of just walking up rainbow stairs has become a beautiful analogy. (Twitter)

A viral video of a man opting to make his life more difficult instead of just walking up rainbow stairs has become a beautiful analogy for homophobes. (Twitter)

Do you ever look at a homophobe and think, ‘Wow, it must be exhausting thinking and living like you?’

Footage of a man lunging laboriously up blocky concrete as people stroll leisurely past him, exchanging bemused looks, on rainbow stairs has gone viral on Twitter for being an analogy of how homophobes choose to live their lives.

The man struggled, wheezed and straddled onto a wall, all because he refused to use the rainbow-coloured stairs right next to him.

In the video, the man is faced with two options: walk up the Pride flag-inspired footfall, or haul himself up the concrete blocks that bracket it.

As any man with potentially homophobic inclinations does, he proceeded to lug up the clearly-not-stairs and ended with him having to jump a metal barrier to get where he needs to go.

As he did so, passers-by glide effortlessly past on the rainbow steps, with the risers decorated with words such as “respect”, “celebrate” and “accept”.

Twitter rejoices: “When you’re overtly homophobic it requires more work.”

It was originally posted by right wing-leaning Twitter user earlier this week, where they implored the sombrely-dressed man.

“Be this guy” the user wrote. “Refuse to walk the path they have set out for you.”

However, it was then picked-up and retweeted by DC Homos, a Washington DC-based LGBT+ support group. In under a day, it tallied up nearly 9,000 retweets and more than 33,000 likes.

Homophobes really are stupid” the account wrote. “Just walk on the rainbow stairs dude.”

To many of the group’s followers, it summed up how difficult homophobes are willing to make their own lives in the name of being anti-LGBT, even if the man videoed isn’t necessarily so.

As one user said: “I enjoyed watching him struggle. When you’re overtly homophobic it requires more work.

“Shows directly how much energy people waste hating a group when there’s an easier option.”

Another added: “Great metaphor for how they make their own lives more difficult in a world evolving around them.”

Others also shred their experiences of how climbing up Pride-themed stairs turned them queer, because that’s exactly how it works.

“The floor is hot gay lava,” joked a user.

However, as some folks pointed out, just like the stairs say, don’t assume he’s homophobic: “He’s just a really good climber and wants to show off his epic climbing abilities.”

Nevertheless, other things that some homophobic men fear will turn them gay include but are not limited to: using re-usable bags or recycling, their iPhone, listening to Elton John, tucking their dress shirt in, and watching Glee.

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