17 September 2019

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A guy found out his gay pal is on an anti-LGBT far-right website. (Stock photo via Envato Elements)

Man discovers disturbing, anti-LGBT, far-right profile of gay friend

Fans of country music and showtunes are more likely to be bottoms, study finds

Gay couple attacked by congregation in church

A gay couple were ‘attacked at church and prayed over to make straight’

Conservative journalist misgenders Sam Smith and says ‘non-binary doesn’t exist’, gets expertly shut down

Lady Gaga in red leather infront of a column of flames

Lady Gaga reveals she started to ‘break down’ during Joanne tour, but ‘power of glam’ kept her going

The Old Gays tried out Grindr for the first time, and the results are pretty eye-opening. (Screen capture via YouTube/Into)

Four older gay men try Grindr for the very first time – and they really don’t hold back

Backstage at the all-trans fashion show (Henri T Art)

Walk, walk, fashion baby! Here’s the hottest looks from London’s first-ever all-trans fashion show

Don't Call Me Angel Video / The Plastics

Someone spliced Miley, Ariana and Lana into a Mean Girls clip and it’s absolutely perfect

Pride participant seen with rainbow feathers and a "Daddy" fan

Someone came up with a gender-neutral way to say ‘daddy’ and it’s perfect

Sara Andrews

Drag queen makes important point about what happens when women are excluded

Thomas Barrow

New Downton Abbey movie shines a light on the ‘horrific’ treatment of gay men in 1920s England

Protestors hold placards as they look on outside the venue for talks between the British Prime Minister and EU Commission president in Luxembourg. (FRANCOIS WALSCHAERTS/AFP/Getty Images)

Brexit and social media behind rise in anti-LGBT hate crime, police chief claims

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