9 September 2019

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Mike Pompeo in front of a US flag

Anti-LGBT US secretary of state Mike Pompeo says ‘more rights is not always better’

Milo Yiannopoulos ‘can’t put food on the table’ and might ‘retire from social media entirely’

A still from the CCTV footage showing Parsons holding a can of spray paint

A 55-year-old admitted to spray-painting homophobic hate after he was caught on camera

6 tips on how to choose a good mattress topper

John Bercow standing down as Commons Speaker means parliament loses one of its loudest pro-LGBT voices

Hukling and Wiccan kissing

Captain Marvel 2 will introduce a familiar gay hero to the MCU, reports say

Ari Fitz and Jade Fox speak to PinkNews about coming out

Lesbian YouTubers Ari Fitz and Jade Fox share their coming out stories

mother of son who was victim of homophobic hate crimes

Anti-LGBT hate crimes have more than doubled in the past five years, new data shows

An iPhone with a Grindr splash screen

Man jailed for blackmail after threatening to leak nude photos of men he met on Grindr

Tim Farron compared sexuality to slavery while defending being a Christian politician

waltham forest pride hate crime

Woman charged with hate crime after abusing Pride-goer wearing rainbow flag

Gay wedding Callum and Ashley

Gay couple sent ‘homophobic’ note warning them to move their wedding away from village

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