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Pride Brides: This cute couple have the most amazing wedding pictures

Lily Wakefield June 27, 2019
Pride brides wedding photos viral

Paige and Hope Winters got married on Saturday (June 22) and their photos have gone viral. (Paige Winters)

The Pride-themed wedding photos of a US LGBT+ couple have gone viral, and they’re amazing.

One of the brides, Paige Winters, told PinkNews the backstory behind the beautiful shots of her and her proudly pansexual wife Hope.

The couple met in high school and have been together for just over four years, however Winters did not come out as trans until last year.

She said: “After I did, that changed things a little because I wanted to wear a dress but it wasn’t an issue.

“About a month before the wedding, however, both of my parents backed out of coming to the wedding because of my sexual orientation.”

Pride brides wedding photos viral
(Paige Winters)
Pride brides wedding photos viral
(Paige Winters)

The pride-themed wedding that had taken two years of planning was saved by the mother of a close friend, someone Winters called their “fairy godmother.”

“She actually put our story on her Facebook and a ton of people wanted to help us since my parents kind of backed out last minute,” she said.

“We ended up getting our wedding cake donated. Real flowers for the entire wedding donated. Tables and chairs all paid for.

“Tons and tons of decorations were donated for free as well. Which was a huge help because we were paying for everything by ourselves.”

Pride brides wedding photos viral
(Paige Winters)
Pride brides wedding photos viral
(Paige Winters)

She said the day “could not have been more perfect,” and said that everyone who attended was “so supportive.”

She continued: “The weather was gorgeous and it was right on the river. For most of the day I was pretty nervous because I have anxiety, but everything went so well.”

Pride brides received almost no negative reactions, which Winters said was “validating and amazing”

Winters said the huge, positive reaction on Twitter was “amazing,” and said that trans YouTuber Stef Sanjati was to thank.

“It first started because my wife watched some facial feminisation makeup tutorials from Stef Sanjati to help me for the wedding,” she said.

Pride brides wedding photos viral
(Paige Winters)
Pride brides wedding photos viral
(Paige Winters)

“So when we got some of the pictures back she decided to tag Stef in the pictures and say thank you for helping us with your videos.

“She actually ended up quoting the tweet saying that she was happy to help and that I looked beautiful.”

Sanjati has 66,000 followers, and afterwards Winters said the tweet “blew up.” The reaction got even bigger when they posted more photos of their wedding day.

“We were expecting a lot of negative reactions but I think we can count on one hand how many negative comments we’ve seen.

“It’s been so validating and amazing how much support we have gotten. The comments are so great and have made us so happy.”

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