Christian ‘prophet’ Cindy Jacobs declares ‘civil war’ if Equality Act is passed

Emma Powys Maurice June 19, 2019
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Christian prophet Cindy Jacobs on The Jim Bakker Show (Video: Right Wing Watch)

A Christian ‘prophet’ has claimed her fellow Christians will “rise up” and declare “civil war” if the Equality Act is passed in the US.

Cindy Jacobs, a Christian author and speaker with a self-proclaimed “heart for prophetic gifts,” appeared on The Jim Bakker Show, a weekday talk show specialising in “prophecy and end time news,” on Tuesday (June 17).

Appearing alongside a panel of Christian guest speakers in a segment titled, “What the rest of 2019 will bring,” Jacobs warned the audience that conservative Christians would start a civil war if the Equality Act becomes law.

“There is gonna be a shaking and Christians will rise up.”

— Cindy Jacobs, Christian ‘prophet’

She said: “We are the voice preparing the way, and there does come a time when things turn. When suddenly the Lord says, ‘OK, no more, I’m not going to put up with this anymore.’

“We would even come to a civil war if this continues.”

Jacobs suggested that there would be some kind of divine intervention in response to the Equality Act, in the form of “a shaking.”

She said: “You try to take the Bible away and say that we cannot teach the gospel [of] the Lord Jesus Christ, there are millions of believers in America, and I believe that would be dumbest thing to do, because if they do that, or pass this Equality Act, listen, there’s gonna be a shaking. There is gonna be a shaking and Christians will rise up.”

The Equality Act is a piece of legislation in the US that will protect gender identity and sexual orientation from discrimination.

On May 17, the House of Representatives voted to approve the Equality Act in a landmark victory for America’s LGBT+ community. However, it is unlikely to pass into law while the Senate and White House are led by the Republican Trump administration.

Later in the show, Bakker asked Jacobs how Christians can support President Donald Trump when the things he says aren’t always so godly. She optimistically responded that Trump is “becoming more and more godly.”

“We’re seeing him want to put Bible reading back in school,” she declared.

Host Jim Bakker is a gospel televangelist and convicted felon who has been the subject of multiple sexual misconduct scandals since the 1980s.

His show typically presents any news about political unrest as an indication of the oncoming apocalypse, and offers the audience the chance to buy discounted buckets of 50-day “survival food.” Common themes of discussion include Christian survivalism and “the miracle” of Trump’s election.

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