Love, Simon director Greg Berlanti and his footballer husband Robbie Rogers have welcomed their second child.

Writing on Instagram, Berlanti said: “Welcome to the world Mia Barbara Rogers-Berlanti.” He revealed that their daughter was born on Monday (May 13).

“Our hearts and our family have grown even larger,” he continued. “Robbie Rogers has already mastered two child multitasking, big brother Caleb is being just sweet enough & I’m as thankful and in awe as ever.

“The ‘Barbara’ is for my amazing Mom, who though she’s not here to share in this moment, will be watching over her granddaughter Mia forever—and laughing as Robbie and I figure out the parenting skills she mastered so perfectly.”

Greg Berlanti and Robbie Rogers had their first child in 2016

The couple announced the birth of their first child, Caleb, via a surrogate in 2016. Writing at the time, Berlanti said there was nothing he had wanted more than to be a father.

“Achieving this dream would not have been possible without the love and support of my wonderful family and surrogate, incredible boyfriend, amazing friends and co-workers that encouraged me and helped me on this remarkable journey.

“Check back in approximately 25-30 years for the tell-all about how I screwed it all up, until then apologies for the over posting of baby photos.

“Our hearts and our family have grown even larger.”

– Director Greg Berlanti

“My heart is full forever,” he added.

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Greg Berlanti married Robbie Rogers in 2017

A year later, Berlanti and Rogers announced their marriage.

Greg Berlanti and husband Robbie Rogers welcome second child
Greg Berlanti revealed that he and husband Robbie Rogers have welcomed their second child (Instagram)

Writing on Instagram in 2017, Rogers wrote: “Still recovering from the most emotional beautiful day, exceeding any dream I ever had.

“To marry the man I love in front of all of my loved one’s was not something I grew up thinking would ever happen.

“Thank you to the men and women who made this day possible.”

Rogers is a retired Leeds United player who came out as gay in 2013 after retiring from English football.

Berlanti—who is known as the director of gay-themed film Love, Simon—recently revealed that gay execs stopped him from casting gay actors in straight roles early in his career.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on April 30, Berlanti said: “Early on in my career there were gay execs and gay casting people who were the least likely to let me cast an actor they knew was gay in a straight part.

“These were the individuals who knew how important it would be,” he added.

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