A bisexual woman has gone viral on Twitter after she shared videos of her father verbally abusing her for being bisexual and for suffering from depression.

Briony Richards—whose username is @litxrallybri—wrote on Twitter that her father’s rant came after she told him that she is “probably bisexual.”

“He replied by saying ‘so you’re f***ed up… but we knew that already…’ then gestured towards the self harm scars on my arm,” she wrote.

‘You’re not bisexual you f***ing idiot’

In two videos posted on Twitter—which have since been deleted—the Briony’s father can be heard showering her with abuse for her bisexuality and for her mental health issues.

In one video her father can be heard saying: “You’re not bisexual you f***ing idiot. You’re not bisexual. Jesus Christ. You’re an intelligent, sensible girl so don’t demean yourself by pigeonholing yourself.”

He then said she could sleep with who she wants—but reiterated his belief that she is “not bisexual.”

“You’re not bisexual you f***ing idiot. You’re not bisexual. Jesus Christ. You’re an intelligent, sensible girl so don’t demean yourself by pigeonholing yourself.”

– Father’s biphobic rant

She responded: “If I want to have sex with a girl, I’ll have sex with a girl. If I want to marry a girl, I’ll marry a girl.”

However, her father can be heard reiterating his belief that she is not bisexual.

In a second video, her father can be heard telling her: “You’re also f***ed in the head. Remember that. Until that is sorted out, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

She said she has ‘a great support network’ and doesn’t need her father’s support

She replied: “I really don’t care. Genuinely like I think the problem is everyone thinks I care too much. I literally couldn’t give less of a s**t. I have a great support network. I don’t need a support network from my father.”

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Briony captioned one of the videos: “Everyone else: can’t wait to go home for Easter!! Love being back with my parents xx.

“Me, with my homophobic, disrespectful parents who don’t understand mental health.”

In a follow-up video posted today, the woman said that she has been receiving messages from people asking her if she is sure she is “really depressed.”

“What is doubting me giving you? Please get a hobby. Do you want me to send you my diagnosis? I just don’t understand what doubting some random girl on the internet you’re never going to meet is giving you.”

The tweets received a huge response. Singer-songwriter Dodie replied to one of Briony’s since deleted videos and said: “holy f***ing s**t I don’t know whether I’m more sad or angry but I’m a lot of that.”

She has since reconciled with her father and he has apologised

Update: (April 25): Briony has since deleted the tweets “for the sake of [her] family,” thanking Twitter users for their “incredible” support.

Speaking to PinkNews, Briony said her father has since apologised. “He was really ashamed about the things he said,” she explained, “and didn’t remember saying them.

“He was disgusted at himself and really wanted to make amends with me! We went out for lunch and had a long conversation.”

Briony is hoping that the pair can move forward and that their relationship “will come out stronger than ever.”

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