Madonna has revealed that her new album will be called Madame X in a cryptic video posted online yesterday (April 14).

In the minute-long clip, a new Madonna song plays with the lyric: “The thing that hurt the most is that I wasn’t lost.”

She then introduces viewers to her new album, Madame X, with a spoken piece.

Madonna: Madame X travels the world ‘changing identities’

“Madame X is a secret agent travelling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom, bringing light to dark places.

“She is a dancer, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a child, a teacher, a nun, a singer, a saint, a whore, and a spy,” Madonna says.

The singer has not yet revealed when the album will be released or its tracklist.

The video comes after she dropped various hints on social media in recent weeks about the upcoming project.

“Madame X is a secret agent travelling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom, bringing light to dark places.”

– Madonna on Madame X

Madonna shared the video on Instagram with the caption: “Welcome to the World of Madame X.”

Last week, she posted a series of images on Instagram that—when viewed together—formed an enormous X.

The singer posted a short clip of herself playing guitar and singing yesterday, but with no sound. She captioned it: “What song is Madame X playing….”

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Madame X will be Madonna’s first album since 2015’s Rebel Heart.

Madonna teases new album Madame X
Madonna in the Madame X teaser trailer

Madonna is set to perform a new song at the Eurovision Song Contest next month

Madonna is reportedly going to debut a new song when she performs next month at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

The pop star was confirmed to be performing at the event last week. She will reportedly be paid $1 million for the performance. She is also expected to sing one well known song at the event.

Rumours had been circulating for months that Madonna would perform at Eurovision, but she was rumoured to have clashed with organisers when she said she wanted to perform a new song with political messages.

She is expected to spend several days in Israel ahead of the performance and will reportedly travel with an entourage of 160 people.

Madonna has been urged to boycott Eurovision

However, a number of groups have called on Madonna to boycott the event and cancel her performance as a part of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) initiative.

The movement encourages boycotts against Israel over the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Calls for Madonna to boycott the event were led by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) last week.

In an open letter, the group said they hope she will “not undermine our struggle for freedom, justice and equality” by performing at the event.

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