RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 episode 7: The personality police

Charlie Jones April 12, 2019
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Brook Lynn Heights lacks personality for Ru.

Brook Lynn Heights can murder a runway, but ends up in prison over her personality. (Netflix)

RuPaul tells these Drag Race hoes to clean up for a farm challenge. But don’t worry, this isn’t some Farmville acting Miss.Steak, it’s another design challenge—so lettuce celebrate!

Drag Race Season 11 Episode 7: From Farm to Runway, the verdict

How much Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent was episode seven packing?

Challenge/ runway: C.u.

From Farm to Runway

Oh, celebration over. Michelle’s ‘it doesn’t suck but it could be better’ really encapsulates this challenge, doesn’t it?

I don’t have major beef, but none of these designs are in danger of being picked for New York Fashion Leek (the show took all the best puns, OK?).

The best thing is that it was short. That allowed the whole episode room to breathe. We weren’t just racing from one pre-packaged segment to another, squashing in soundbites.

It was reminiscent of old-school Drag Race, which can only be a good thing.

Overall: C.U.n.

So depending on your particular Drag Race kink, you’ll either have seen this as a filler episode or a rare moment when the show finally started to trust that a room full of drag queens was enough. And it is always enough.

At its heart this show is pure silliness. Is Alyssa Edwards the expert on walking? What kind of question even is that? But it works. And that image of her talking to the girls and looking a solid 90 degrees away from them was peak Drag Race.

Drag Race royalty Alyssa Edwards.
Alyssa knows her angles. (Netflix)

A tribute to our fallen cyst-er: Ra’Jah O’Hara

It was brown cow stunning to see Ra’Jah’s explanation for her tree—It’s been uprooted and so am I—be called out my Michelle for being ABC: Another bad creation.

Drag Race queen Ra'Jah O'Hara faces elimination.
Ra’Jah O’Hara is rooted to a bottom placement on Drag Race. (Netflix)

What’s the difference between a tree and Ra’Jah? One is unrootable.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a villain—we just need one that owns it.

I’m obsessed with Gia Gunn for the same reason Eve is with Vilanelle, or queers the world over are with Janine Butcher: malicious confidence is attractive.

Ra’Jah’s shots come from a place of insecurity, unlike those fired by the boom boom Gunn.

Drag Race royalty Gia Gunn throws expert shade.
A lesson in how to fire shots, from the boom boom Gunn. (Netflix)

Ra’Jah puts the others down primarily to justify her own place in the competition.

The weirdly aggressive jibe at Plastique Tiara over her family background was a symptom of this—and felt even more misjudged given it was done behind everyone’s back.

She never owned her bitchiness, so we could never join in with the joke.

Also her runway had a whiff of Kelly Mantle realness. Be-con with you.

Drag Race queen Kelly Mantle gets eliminated over her runway look.
Kelly Mantle’s infamous bacon runway. (Netflix)

Drag Race season 11 episode 7: The personality police

Who is facing a penalty for their personality? Which queen’s custom couture will land them in a cell? Let’s get these queens in line. 

Yvie Oddly, 1st

Personality police: ‘Send me home because I’m injured.’

We all aspire to be this level of petty. Plus she gives honest critiques to the other queens, fully aware it’s making her unpopular.

We’ve had BenDeLaChrist, now make way for Yvie Godly.

Fashion police: Fun and colourful, but I wish the silhouette had been just a bit more synched.

Miss Vanjie, 2nd

Personality police: ‘Did someone order an extra side of extraness?’

YES and I’m thrilled with it. But putting her second is wishful thinking because the judges clearly aren’t seeing the comedihen I am.

Fashion police: Too simple, but the face was stun.

Nina West, 3rd

Personality police: PROTECT NINA AT ALL COST. The big girl we’ve been waiting eleven seasons for.

Fashion police: Camp > high fashion. Fight me.

Brook Lynn Heights, 4th

Personality police: She would have won this week if Ru liked her. Instead, RuPaul questioned her sense of humour, point of view, and said she thought Brook Lynn would ‘have a bigger personality.’ Ouch. Death row territory.

Fashion police: Flawless.

Brook Lynn Heights lacks personality for Ru.
Brook Lynn Heights can murder a runway, but ends up in prison over her personality. (Netflix)

Silky Nutmeg Ganache, 5th

Personality police: Divisive AF. Ru (and I) lived for it.

Fashion police: Underrated.

A’keria Chanel Davenport, 6th

Personality police: She gives great talking head, but I’m bored of these pageant answers when Ru asks a question.

Ru: Who should go home?

A’keria: Brook Lynn because she’s winning.

Ugh. Drag queens are too scared of this toxic fanbase.

All Stars 3 legend Shangela spills the tee.
Shangela rightly blames us all. (Netflix)

Fashion police: I liked it! Way better than they made out.

Plastique Tiara, 7th

Personality police: She had a really cute moment with Ru.

And I was glad our host didn’t go too strongly down the you must come out to everyone you know this instant or you won’t win the show, which we know she’s fond of doing (Poor Kim Chi.)

Fashion police: Plastique won this week for story. We’ve 100 percent bean there with that silhouette.

Shuga Cain, 8th

Personality police: MISSING. This is a tough edit for Shuga, but at least she can go back to her large celery.

Fashion police: Blinked and missed it. Hard to carrot all.

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