RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 episode 6: Security? A queen is robbed

Charlie Jones April 5, 2019
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RuPaul makes a controversial decision on Drag Race.

RuPaul facilitates a robbery. (Netflix)

RuPaul hosted a drag race, a drag swim and a drag shablang. Let the draglympics begin!

Drag Race Season 11 Episode 6: Draglympics, the verdict

How much Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent was episode six packing?

Overall: C.U.N.

There are still too many queens left. We’ve had a full six weeks of televised content—that’s like two seasons of Sherlock. But we’ve had precisely zero iconic remember-where-you-were-moments, no fashion firsts, no tucking anything apart from Silky Nutmeg Ganache screaming aimlessly into a void.

It’s been one big false start.

RuPaul's Drag Race queen Brook Lynn Heights is accurate.
Brook Lynn Heights hits the nail on the head. (Netflix)

But we are finally getting there. It is improving. A couple of weeks, or—even better—double sashays (looking at you Shuga Cain and Ra’Jah O’Hara) down the line, and we could be in for a record-breaking second half.

Challenge: C.U.N.

My expectations were low. I don’t know which Dorothy thought the way to sex up this dying season was to add sports—but I thought they must need their gay card revoked, stat.

I was wrong. I didn’t hate it. I even enjoyed it. A a terrible idea, maybe, but well executed.

Also, are we having this many dance challenges to find Todrick Hall’s replacement? Because that’s a trade I can handle.

RuPaul's Drag Race choreographer Travis Wall.
Travis Wall is here for Todrick’s gig. (Netflix)

Lewks: C.U.n.

Category is: All that glitters Gold, I guess?

The best runway so far is still only a silver compared to previous years, but at least we’re headed in the right direction!

And Ru was dressed like the Emmy she deserves.

Drag Race: An eleven-gendary season?

I’ve thrown some shade about Season 11 dropping the ball. But one base they’ve got covered in eleven-gendary moments? The guest judges.

I loved Love Connie. Who is she? How did she change Ru’s life? Is she only here to boost her 800 Twitter followers ahead of her new World of Wonder show?

Who cares. She made that mini challenge work out.

But can anybody work out why Adam Rippon was again made to awkwardly watch queens do their thing, chiming in with super helpful advice:

“It’s a performance.” 

“Just relax.”

And my favourite:

“If you give a facial, everybody’s going to know.”

Olympic champion Adam Rippon guest judges on Drag Race.
Adam Rippon tries to join in on Drag Race. (Netflix)

Poor Adam. Someone at WoW either loves, hates, or just wants to tuck you.

Drag Race episode six: Tee with Yvie

The handi-capable whore who injured her ankle carrying this entire season brings out your inner saboteur.


Silky: “If I have to lip sync for my life…”

Yvie Oddly: “Ru’s been particularly poignant about ‘don’t be safe.’”


Miss Vanjie: “I looked sickening, I felt sickening, but I was safe.”

Yvie: “The tee is that the judges already critiqued you for having the same silhouette, so time to change it up.”


Silky: “Some hos don’t know who Evillene is.”

Yvie: “You keep playing on that Evillene girl, but we had three looks on the runway.”

RuPaul's Drag Race queen Yvie Oddly spills some tea.
Yvie stirs the Drag Race pot. (Netflix)

Personal Best

“If I have to go onstage in a wheelchair I’ll do it.” 

Drag Race episode 6 lip sync: Security? There’s been a robbery

Ra’Jah won? Unless the Olympic sport was a race to the bottom, I’m stumped.

Scarlet Envy was breathing out the soul of that slow verse, and had tricks aplenty for the fast. Also she had freakin’ scissors, a pants reveal, and balls of glitter—TV gold!

But Ra’Jah, who broke the golden rule—don’t get off the stage—and also just re-hashed her boxstep, gets to stay? When Honey got the chop for doing the exact same thing? And it wasn’t as if Ra’Jah was trying to avoid five other queens now, was it? #Collusion

Drag Race Season 11 Episode 6: Let’s get these queens in line

Who snatched gold in the draglympics? What sport would they compete in? When will they go home?

Yvie Oddly, 1st

Olympic sport: Running (rings around the competition).

She’s talking head, shoulders, knees and joints above the rest. The way she used her injury in the runway? Home run.

Miss Vanjie, 2nd

Olympic sport: Heavyweight (champion of my heart—I’m so sorry for the bad sports metaphors but in my defence I’m gay).

Vanjie started to sound less like a drunk child impersonating Bianca Del Rio and more like a human we can connect with. And I even loved her before. Just don’t let those corsets restrict you!

Brook Lynn Heights, 3rd

Olympic sport: Skating (smoothly to the finale).

Being one half of the greatest love story since that lesbian couple from The Bachelor could do her wonders, because it’ll take a slightly stronger audience connection to allow Brook to reach her full heights.

Nina West, 4th

Olympic sport: Polo (Can you spot her riding that Black Horse?)

I’ve converted to a full stan of this camp icon. The Peppermint of Season 11.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache, 5th

Olympic sport: Rowing (with Yvie).

She stands out in everything she does, so I could forgive the outbursts if she ever had a leg to stand on. But she doesn’t. So her rowing is becoming quite the oar deal.

A’keria Chanel Davenport, 6th

Olympic sport: Climbing (up my estimations).

Scarlet handed her the narrator baton and she’s running with it.

RuPaul's Drag Race queen A'keria glitters all over the stage.
A’keria serves drag excellence. (Netflix)

Plastique Tiara, 7th

Olympic sport: Drowning (in competency and complacency).

Shuga Cain, 8th

Olympic sport: Running (the risk of being edited out entirely).

Ra’Jah O’Hara, 9th

Olympic sport: Vaulting (high above that criticism).

Judge: You need to do better. You were the weakest performer.

Ra’Jah: You don’t know what a relief that is to hear.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 winner Jinx Monsoon
The Milk award for Delusion goes to Ra’Jah O’Hara. (Netflix)

Just like a bad pole-vaulter, Ra’Jah is not going over very well.

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