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10 hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine memes that will make you say ‘toit’

Tijen Butler April 2, 2019
Best and Hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine Memes


Fan of Jake Peralta and the nine-nine squad? Well, you’re in for a treat as we list some hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine memes.

Get ready to say “noice, noice, toit, toit,” as you scroll through these brilliant memes we grabbed online.

1. Binge. Sleep. Repeat.

Brooklyn 99 memes

2. This could definitely happen

Brooklyn Nine-Nine memes @insidethe99
Brooklyn Nine-Nine memes @insidethe99

3. Beloved criminal Doug has to be the most likeable character in TV history 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine memes Doug
Brooklyn Nine-Nine memes (Instagram/@

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine makes everything better

Funny Brooklyn Nine-Nine memes
Funny Brooklyn Nine-Nine meme. (Twitter/@peroltiago)

5. Sorry, but I can’t take anything seriously 

6. When I’m right, everyone should know it

Brooklyn Nine-Nine gif
Brooklyn Nine-Nine gif

7. Scully and Hitchcock… we love you. 

Brooklyn Nine-nine scully and hitchcock meme

8. This is how well most people know their colleagues. But really, wife or dog, guys? 

9. In case you didn’t know, Charles Boyle is played by Joe Lo Truglio

Brooklyn Nine-Nine meme Rosa holding a cuppa joe

10. When you find out your friend watches Brooklyn Nine-Nine too

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