Disney Channel cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil has just revealed that its main character is bisexual, according to fans.

In the show’s March 17 episode “Ransomgram,” magical princess Star Butterfly sparked joy among queer fans by gazing lovingly at both thunder goddess Brunzetta and an alternate universe version of her friend Marco.

The bisexual flag’s colours—pink, purple and blue—were displayed prominently in these clips, which showed Star giving Brunzetta the same look she aimed at Marco after describing him as a “buff and rugged” man who lives in the “abs dimension.”

Watch the Star vs. the Forces of Evil scene:

In an apparent effort to drive the point home, Star vs. the Forces of Evil‘s animators showed a pink and purple rainbow arcing across the princess’s blue eyes as she stared, blushing, at Brunzella.

Fans are convinced that Star vs. the Forces of Evil showed Star is bisexual

Many viewers of the show, which is in its fourth and final season, are certain that the episode proved that Star is bi.

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One fan tweeted: “star bisexual confirmed ;;),” while another person said: “WE STAN BISEXUAL STAR 🙌🏾👏🏾.”

“Star Butterfly more like Star Butterbi. I’m legit impressed we got a teenage bisexual disney princess on tv.”

— @Russcribbles about Star vs. the Forces of Evil

A different tweeter wrote: “Star Butterfly more like Star Butterbi,” before adding: “I’m legit impressed we got a teenage bisexual disney princess on tv.”

One person said: “I think I’m bi (I know I’m kinda young but it’s how I feel) and seeing Star might be bisexual just makes me… really happy.”

A shot from Disney Channel cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil showing Brunzetta.
Viewers see Brunzetta through Star’s bisexual-flag-tinged eyes. (Disney)

“Honestly star having a bisexual panic over 2 beautiful ppl is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” said a different commenter.

Another viewer said: “it means SO SO much to me that Star is very clearly bisexual and has a big crush on brunzetta in the new ep of svtfoe.”

Marco, a character in Disney Channel show Star vs. the Forces of Evil.
Marco also received the bisexual flag treatment when he was seen through Star’s eyes. (Disney)

However, they added that “I almost wonder why they can’t put it into words and have her explicitly referred to as such. Especially in a post-Andi Mack Disney channel? Idk.”

In February, Andi Mack‘s Cyrus Goodman became the first Disney character to say “I’m gay” when he came out to his friend Jonah Beck.

Cyrus had previously come out to his friends Andi and Buffy in season two, but held off on revealing he was gay to Jonah—who he used to have a crush on—until the season three episode.

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