Actor Ryan Phillippe has spoken out about showing his butt on screen in Cruel Intentions—and said men have told him on Twitter that seeing it made them realise they were gay.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly where the cast and filmmakers sat down together, Phillippe said he felt “okay” about showing his butt on screen.

“Everybody has a butt,” he said. “It’s really not that graphic.

“So many guys on Twitter are like, ‘That’s the moment I knew I was gay,’” he continued, “and there have been guys like, ‘I behaved like Sebastian to get laid!’”

Ryan Phillippe’s butt became a star of its own in Cruel Intentions

Phillippe became a well-known heartthrob in the 1990s with appearances in films such as Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

However, his butt became a star of its own after his appearance in Cruel Intentions—particularly among gay and bisexual fans.

So many guys on Twitter are like, ‘That’s the moment I knew I was gay,’ and there have been guys like, ‘I behaved like Sebastian to get laid!’”

– Ryan Phillippe

Gay and bisexual fans of Phillippe started sharing on Twitter their reactions to seeing Phillippe in 1990s films such as Cruel Intentions.

One fan posted a poll asking followers: “Which Ryan Phillippe movie confirmed your sexuality more? Because science.” 81 percent of users so far have voted for Cruel Intentions.

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Ryan Phillippe says nude Cruel Intentions scene made men realise they were gay
Ryan Phillippe in 2017 (Instagram)

Meanwhile, another fan tweeted a screenshot of Phillippe’s comments to EW, and said: “Ryan Phillippe’s been reading my tweets.”

When Cruel Intentions was released in 1999, it became a huge hit among LGBT+ audiences for its depiction of same-sex relationships.

The film famously featured a kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar—who played Kathryn—and Selma Blair, who played Cecille.

Cruel Intentions depicted same-sex relationships

Speaking to EW, Blair said she had “never kissed a girl” before starring in Cruel Intentions.

“I remember I was like, ‘What if I really am a horrible kisser?’ My mother, after seeing it for the first time, told me, ‘Honestly Selma, did you have to use so much tongue? That poor Sarah, she looks so delicate, and then you just have that Goliath in her mouth.’”

Meanwhile, Joshua Jackson—who played gay character Blaine in the cult classic film—said he wanted to make his character as “real” as possible as he was aware that there were few gay characters on screen.

“You didn’t see a lot of gay characters, period. But [especially] gay characters that weren’t caricatures, so I wanted to make sure that, even with dialogue that was beautifully over-the-top, he still felt like a real person,” he said.

Cruel Intentions’ popularity among LGBT+ fans was displayed with force in 2017 when E! aired a version of the film that censored Gellar and Blair’s kiss.

The film’s fans flocked to Twitter to voice their frustration that the censored version of the film was still being broadcast.

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