Before a first date, pretty much all of us wonder the same thing: what am I going to wear?

We create a mountain of clothes in the corner of our bedrooms as we veto outfit after outfit, stressing over how we should look.

While it’s important to be comfortable, what we wear on a first date is important because first impressions matter. After all, there might not be a second date if you show up in smelly, food-stained clothes.

So step one… make sure whatever you choose to wear is clean.

Queer fashion girls
Wear something that makes you feel like yourself. (Unsplash)

You do want to put in effort for a first date but it is still vital that you’re true to yourself and style. Don’t go overboard to the point where you’re uncomfortable and even insecure during the date.

Our advice is to always to wear your favourite outfit when going on a first date. Even if you think, “Oh I’ve worn it too many times,” well, this person has never met you before… so it’s perfect.

What to wear on a first date based on what you’re doing

Now, your favourite outfit might not be suitable depending on the activity and location you’ve chosen. Once you’ve chosen where you want to go for your first date, only then should you think about what to wear.

Something stylish but comfortable:

Casual outfit
Be snug yet trendy. (Unsplash)

If you’re going to a local pub, a standard restaurant, or perhaps bowling, wear something comfortable so you’re yourself, but stylish enough for you to feel poised and relaxed with your date.

An outfit that screams fabulous:

Born this way gay jacket
Don’t be afraid to dress uniquely. (Unsplash)

If you’re feeling especially confident… make yourself stand out. Wear something bold that mirrors your personality. A popping outfit like that would also be suitable for pubs, bowling or something similar… but it entirely depends on your personal style.

Baggy top and jeans:

A nice laid-back outfit can look great and trendy. This would be suitable if you were doing something different for your first date, such as going to a pottery night class (which could get the top messy).

Something warm. Wear your favourite jacket:

A couple wearing warm clothes and jackets
Wear something appropriate for the weather. (Pexels)

If your plans are outside, perhaps exploring a food market or an outdoor cinema, you want to be warm (well, this depends on what you are in the world). If it is a cold environment, don’t worry so much about your outfit underneath. Be cosy and comfortable… perhaps a sweater and jeans… but make sure the jacket over the outfit is the best you’ve got.

What makes you feel most fierce? Wear the sexiest outfit you’ve got:

Going to a club or a swanky bar? Wear something fabulous that makes you strut your stuff. However, don’t appear to try too hard.

Your favourite dressy outfit:

If you’re going somewhere fancy or formal on your first date, you will want to wear something appropriate for the venue (it wouldn’t be a great start if you got turned away from the restaurant or bar because of your shoes).

What to wear on a first date: gold dress
Feel fabulous and turn heads. (Pexels)

Firstly, look up where you’re going and ensure you know the style of the place. Then pick out your favourite formal outfit. You want to look smart, prim and proper. (But if you hate the idea of that… perhaps a fancy place isn’t the best idea for a first date.)

Your favourite everyday outfit:

This is what everyone should wear on a first date unless the activity/venue isn’t appropriate. You will feel at ease and this way, and you won’t have to try on a dozen outfits. Easy.

Tips for while you’re getting ready

Quite simply… have fun with it. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid the stress of rushing, put on your best Spotify playlist and glam yourself up.

If you’re going to wear make-up, definitely put it on before you put the outfit on (or at least wear a dressing gown/robe over it). Nothing is worse than finally choosing the perfect first date outfit only to get a blob of mascara or foundation on it.

Beautiful woman fashion accessories
Accessorise and feel fabulous. (Pexels)

Also… once you have your outfit on, why not accessorise? Earrings, a necklace, rings, bracelets, a watch… anything to give you that extra something.

Good luck, darlings. And remember, be yourself and have fun.

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