BBC host Nicky Campbell calls out ‘ridiculous homophobic’ guest on-air

Nick Duffy March 21, 2019
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BBC host Nicky Campbell

BBC host Nicky Campbell

BBC host Nicky Campbell has hit back at claims of “bias” after describing an anti-LGBT protester’s views as “ridiculous.”

On Thursday (March 21), the 5Live host spoke to a parent of a child at Parkfield school in Birmingham who has taken part in protests against LGBT-inclusive education lessons.

The parent, who was identified only as Maksood as he did not want to use his real name, had claimed: “Everybody has their own free choices that are there to be made.”

Nicky Campbell: ‘Ridiculous’ to say homosexuality is a choice

Campbell cut in: “But homosexuality is not a choice. Do you think it’s a choice?”

When Maksood replied “it is, basically,” Campbell responded: “Hang, on, you think it’s a choice that somebody makes? The science goes completely against that.”

“It’s ridiculous to say it’s a choice. Did you choose to be heterosexual?”

Maksood insisted: “I don’t think homosexuality is wrong, but it’s a choice. You have a choice.”

BBC host Nicky Campbell
BBC host Nicky Campbell (John Phillips/Getty)

Campbell replied: “That’s ridiculous… who you love, who you want to sleep with, your gender attraction [is not] a choice. You don’t choose your sexuality.”

He added: “Maksood, do you really believe, given the disgusting persecution of homosexuals across the Islamic world in places like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan… LGBT+ people are persecuted there and killed for who they are. Do you think they chose being homosexual?”

The guest replied: “It’s your free will, basically. But let’s look at what this protest is, not what you seem to be pushing this towards… but you have a choice to which path to take.”

Campbell responded: “Ludicrous.”

Nicky Campbell hits back at ‘bias’ claims

On Twitter, Nicky Campbell wrote: “A parent in the Birmingham LGBT row said that ‘homosexuality’ is a choice. I called his view ridiculous and dangerous.

“As if LGBT people being persecuted across the world chose their sexuality.

“People complained it was BBC bias. I make no apologies for calling out homophobia.”

Others praised Campbell for calling out the guest.

One Twitter user wrote: “Listening to someone on #5livebreakfast say that being gay or lesbian ‘is a choice’, we still have so so far to go… Bravo to @NickyAACampbell for holding him to account! #LGBT #Section28”

Another added: “Great. A Bloke on Radio 5 saying homosexuality is a choice.

“I didn’t get a choice, lived in denial most of my life and ruined my mental health. Get him off the radio Nicky.”

Maksood was not the only person to claim that homosexuality is a choice in the mainstream media on Thursday.

A guest on ITV show Good Morning Britain also discussing LGBT+ education made the claim that gay people “choose” a homosexual lifestyles.

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