Where are the Queer Eye heroes now? We’ve listed all of them below along with their social media links for you to follow.

From Seasons 1-3, we have listed all contestants below with updates on their lives as well as their social media handles (for those who use Twitter or Instagram).

Season 1, episode 1: Queer Eye Hero Tom Jackson

Tom queer eye
Tom Jackson (Netflix/Queer Eye)

From the first ever episode of the series, “You Can’t Fix Ugly,” Tom was our first, unforgettable hero.

You can follow Tom on Twitter, joining his current 36,000 followers.

In one Twitter post, he wrote: “I just watched my episode for about the 20th time. I cry like a baby ever time I watch it. Just to let the world know, Abby and I are no longer together. She will always be the love of my life. I will always love her more than anything!!!!!!!”

However, months after the episode aired, Tom and Abby reunited and got remarried.

Tom’s daughter, who nominated him to be on the show, Katie Phelps, is also on Twitter.

Season 1, episode 2: Queer Eye Hero Neal Reddy

We met Neal on the episode “Saving Sasquatch,” a name that credits his extraordinary beard and head of hair. 

In the episode, you see his extreme makeover and a year later, he often takes to his Instagram account to remind everyone what it means to him.

View this post on Instagram

I am crying tears of joy as I write this. I can’t believe it’s only been a year since @queereye aired and changed my life forever. I still can’t believe how lucky I am. To the Fab Five…To everyone who worked on the show… To the producers … To @netflix … To everyone who watched and supported… I am forever in your debt. It’s been a crazy, awesome and tough year of introspection and self improvement and it all started because of the show. And if you had told me a year ago that a reality show would be the reason I would be able to find so much more joy and gratitude in everyday life, I would have laughed in your face. Still can’t believe any of it. Still can t believe I get to call people like @tanfrance , @bobbyberk , @jvn , @karamo and @antoni genuine amigos. Still can’t believe how real this reality show was for me. Sending nothing but love to Tan, Jonathan, Bobby, Antoni, Karamo, @jroselane , @rachellemendeztv , @acapricious , @brojordan , @thebenfort, anyone else I missed and everyone that has supported. All of you have made this past year the greatest of my life. Here’s to this next one topping that. #queereye #queereyenetflix #yasqueen #netflix #netflixandchill #love #gratitude #wedidit #livingmybestlife

A post shared by Neal Reddy (@neallovesyou) on

On February 8, he wrote: “I am crying tears of joy as I write this. I can’t believe it’s only been a year since @queereye aired and changed my life forever. I still can’t believe how lucky I am. To the Fab Five…To everyone who worked on the show… To the producers … To @netflix … To everyone who watched and supported… I am forever in your debt.”

Season 1, episode 3: Queer Eye Hero Cory Waldrop

From the first season’s third episode “Dega Don’t,” Cory Waldrop was transformed and had his life changed.

Cory, a former Marine, was nominated to be on Queer Eye by his best pal, Henry.

His most used social media platform is Instagram where you can follow him to see how he has kept up with the Fab Five’s advice.

His bio reads: “Husband,Dad, Business Owner, and NASCAR and college football enthusiast. Go Dawgs! (Also Season 1 Episode 3 QueerEye hero)”

Season 1, episode 4: Queer Eye Hero Anthony “AJ” Brown

AJ was the hero of the episode entitled, “To Gay Or Not Too Gay.”

Unfortunately, this star is a rare kind in that he does not use social media.

However, Queer Eye‘s Twitter shared a fabulous update about AJ after the episode aired.

They shared the news that he and Andre got engaged, and fans melted online.

Season 1, episode 5: Queer Eye Hero Bobby Camp

You’ll remember Bobby from the episode “Camp Rules.”

queer eye bobby camp
(Netflix/Queer Eye)

Sadly (for us), the Christian father of six is also not easy to find online.

However, one of the Fab Five, Jonathan Van Ness shared a sweet update on Bobby and his wife Vera.

“Vera literally DMed me the day before yesterday and they moved to a different house with three bedrooms,” he told BuzzFeed. “[The kids] are still using their kits and caboodles, which is great.”

Season 1, episode 6: Queer Eye Hero Remington Porter

Remy, the star of  “The Renaissance of Remington,” joined the show with this beaming smile.

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Wat Pho – Temple of The Reclining Buddha #Thailand #Bangkok

A post shared by Remy Porter (@remyp_vsop) on

He uses Instagram to share photos from his travels. Most recently, in December, he visited Thailand.

Season 1, episode 7: Queer Eye Hero Joe Gallois

queer eye hero average joe
(Netflix/Queer Eye)

Rising from the episode “Below Average Joe,” Joe uses both Instagram and Twitter to engage with fellow friends and fans. 

The star of his social media pages appears to be Oscar, his beloved dog.

Queer eye joe dog

However, while he appears to love using the web, he did take down the website that was built for him in the seventh episode.

Season 1, episode 8: Queer Eye Hero Jeremy Holmes 

From the season one finale “Hose Before Bros,” firefighter Jeremy also appears to be doing well since the show, though he is also one to avoid social media.

jeremy and wife bonnie queer eye
Jeremy and wife Bonnie (Netflix/Queer Eye)

He has since become a Chief Fire Officer and in February 2018, he wrote a great essay entitled “Don’t Let Your Career Get in the Way of Your Calling” which is available to read online.

Season 2, episode 1: Queer Eye Hero Tammye Hicks

Tammye Hicks, a religious woman with a gay son, was the first contestant on Queer Eye‘s second season.

Tammye Hicks as she receives a bible on Queer Eye season 2, episode 1.
Tammye Hicks as she receives a bible on Queer Eye season 2, episode 1. (Netflix/Queer Eye).

She was the star of the episode entitled, “God Bless Gay.”

The teacher uses Twitter and her most recent post was in relation to Queer Eye‘s Season 3 contestants.

She shared a video from Queer Eye‘s official Twitter account of the new heroes and she added: “Phenomenal!!! Tissues ready!!!”, along with three crying emojis.

Season 2, episode 2: Queer Eye Hero William Mahnken

The episode “A Decent Proposal” was utterly beautiful as contestant William tries to get his life ready ahead of asking his girlfriend to marry him.

William Mahnken proposing to girlfriend Queer Eye season 2 episode 2
William Mahnken proposing to his girlfriend. (Queer Eye/Netflix)

Both William and his partner Shannan use Instagram where you can follow them and tear up by how utterly adorable and loved up they are.

The couple got married on June 16, 2018, in a beautiful ceremony on a beach.

Season 2, episode 3: Queer Eye Hero Leonardo Loria Rico

Queer eye leo and family
Leo, after his makeover, with his wife and one of his children. (Netflix/Queer Eye)

Leo was the star of the episode “Unleash The Sexy Beast” after his wife nominated him for being an utter slob.

The family man doesn’t seem to be on social media but we can only assume that Leo is doing well since the show gave him some confidence and style.

Season 2, episode 4: Queer Eye Hero Jason Vodersing

Jason, from the episode “The Handyman Can,” is another Queer Eye contestant that appears absent from social media.

queer eye jason and beth season 2
Jason + Beth = Love. (Netflix/Queer Eye)

The singleton had been nominated on the show by his best friend Beth.

However, fans were so happy when the platonic friendship transformed into romance, just as Jason transformed during the episode.

And, to fans’ delight, Beth and Jason are still together, according to Digital Spy.

Season 2, episode 5: Queer Eye Hero Skyler

Queer Eye’s first trans hero Skyler is the star of the episode “Sky’s the Limit.”

It follows Skyler as he recovers from undergoing transition-related ‘top’ surgery and liposuction, giving him the male figure he has always wanted.

View this post on Instagram

Today marks 9 weeks postop for me. Still dealing with the complications of internal bleeding and slow moving organs. On the bright side all of my organs are at least active again. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 My healing process has not been easy. In fact the first several weeks I was in so much pain and starved from my organs shutting down I hardly remember a solid 3 weeks of my life. These are 2 #throwbacks from my healing process. I didn’t get too many pictures the first several weeks because of how sick and out of it I was. The photo on the right is my first postop selfie taken 9 days after my surgery when I was admitted to the hospital and finally stabilized. The photo on the left was taken a week later after I was discharged from the hospital, still swollen and in incredible amounts of pain. I’m looking forward to posting more progress pictures as my body continues down the road to full recovery. Not a single part of this entire surgery process has been easy for me. But it’s 100% been worth it and the worst of it is behind me. There is no magic wand that fixes everything when it comes to transitioning. But I can definitively say that even despite the extra thousands I have to spend, and all the pain I went through that I feel better than ever mentally and can’t believe my life is finally mine and not a constant labor for my transition. Here’s looking to my future! Happy #throwbackthursday !! #trans #transgender #cosmeticconcierge #drhopesherie #transandinked #postop #ftm #queer #lgbtq #lgbt #topsurgery #freedomscars #transman #transhealth #translivesmatter #transvisibility #transformation #f2m #shirtlesssummer #feelingfree

A post shared by Skyler Jay (@trans.ginger) on

The episode is inspirational and eye-opening, and Skyler continues to spread LGBT+ awareness on his social media.

You can follow Skyler on Instagram by his handle @trans.ginger. 

 trans.ginger Skyler Queer Eye Instagram trans.ginger

Skyler has over 26,000 followers and uses his platform to campaign. He told PinkNews that he is crowdfunding $8,200 to donate to LGBT+ causes in order to pay back the $8,200 the queer community in Georgia raised to pay for his top surgery.

He is also suing his employer for its exclusion of trans-related healthcare.

Season 2, episode 6: Queer Eye Hero Arian Samiei

We met the video game lover on the episode “Big Little Lies.”

Queer eye hero Arian (Netflix/Queer Eye)
Arian (Netflix/Queer Eye)

Arian is another Queer Eye contestant who isn’t active on social media, however, he does use LinkedIn.

His profile shows that he finally graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems in 2017.

Season 2, episode 7: Queer Eye Hero Sean VanMeter

Queer Eye hero Sean. (Netflix/Queer Eye)
Queer Eye hero Sean. (Netflix/Queer Eye)

Queer Eye‘s youngest contestant Sean is a singer, songwriter and pianist. However, he needed help with his style hence the episode name “Bedazzled.”

The American boy used his Twitter page to share his new music video on January 31.

He also uses Instagram where he has over 22,000 followers.

Season 2, episode 8: Queer Eye Hero Ted Terry

The “hipster mayor” of Clarkston, Georgia appeared in the last episode of Season 2, “Make Ted Great Again.”

Mayor Ted Terry getting makeover on Queer Eye
Mayor Ted Terry getting his hair cut and beard shaved. (Netflix/Queer Eye)

Ted was nominated by his girlfriend so he could up his game as mayor. In the episode, they transform the young politician and rid him of his long beard.

You can find him on Instagram, where you’ll see that he’s grown a small beard, as well as Twitter.

Season 3, episode 1: Queer Eye Hero Jody Castellucci

Queer Eye hero Jody shares a  before and after shot on her social media. (Instagram/ @homesteadwayoflife)
Queer Eye hero Jody shares a  before and after shot on her social media. (Instagram/ @homesteadwayoflife)

The first episode of the new season was “From Hunter to Huntee,” where the Queer Eye guys first debated the pronunciation of ‘squirrel’, starring Jody as the contestant.

She is a prison guard who loves to hunt. Her husband of 10 years nominated her because he “wants her to feel good about herself again.”

View this post on Instagram

Life Changing ♥️

A post shared by Jody Blanton Castellucci (@homesteadwayoflife) on

You can find Jody on Instagram where she recently posted a series of photos from Queer Eye with the caption “Life Changing.”

Season 3, episode 2: Queer Eye Hero Joey Greene

Queer Eye's S2E3 hero Joey Greene.
Queer Eye’s S2E3 hero Joey Greene. (Netflix/Queer Eye)

It may not surprise you that the 47-year-old camp counsellor, who was nominated by his boss, isn’t active on social media. 

The outdoorsman, who enjoys a minimalistic lifestyle and lives in an RV, can be seen from his work place’s Instagram account.

Season 3, episode 3: Queer Eye Hero Mary and Deborah Jones

This episode “Jones Bar-B-Q” followed the transformation of two sisters — the show’s first duo.

They have used their business page’s Instagram to show off their new looks.

They wrote: “We have received so much love and support from all around the world since our @queereye episode aired on Friday.

“We are feeling so blessed and want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughtful and touching messages. Your words are so meaningful.”

What’s more, their business has been booming since the episode aired.

Season 3, episode 4: Queer Eye Hero Robert Hitchcock

The groom-to-be Robert was nominated to prepare him for his big day.

This Queer Eye contestant has been rather active on social media since his episode “When Robert Met Jamie” aired.

The Queer Eye hero shared this gorgeous wedding photo on his Instagram page. (@robertwubrg/Instagram)
The Queer Eye hero shared this gorgeous wedding photo on his Instagram page. (@robertwubrg/Instagram)

You can follow Robert, who is now happily married, on Instagram where he has made several posts about his time on Queer Eye.

He has even visited one of the hero sisters before him, Deborah, at Jones Bar-B-Q.

Season 3, episode 5: Queer Eye Hero Jess Guilbeaux

Queer Eye's first lesbian hero Jess said Janaelle Monae was her icon.
By the end of the week with the Queer Eye’s Fab Five, Jess embraced her identity as a strong, black, beautiful lesbian woman. (Netflix)

Jess Guilbeaux was Queer Eye‘s first lesbian hero, and it was an episode that left many in tears. 

She came out to her religious, adoptive family at 16 years old. They rejected her, and she’s had to take care of herself ever since.

But the 23-year-old found a family in the Fab Five and the show helped her so much. She told PinkNews: “I still chat with literally all of them and they’re amazing and I am so grateful to have five new dads.”

View this post on Instagram

that’s just the way u make me feel ✨

A post shared by Jess Guilbeaux (@jesslayica) on

You can find Jess on Instagram where her newfound confidence shines.

Season 3, episode 6: Queer Eye Hero Rob Elrod

Rob became a widow after his wife Allison passed away from cancer.

Queer Eye single widow father
Rob and his family before his wife passed away. (Netflix/Queer Eye)

The widowed father of two is not one for social media, however, updates tell us that he is doing well since his episode “Elrod & Sons.”

The show has since given him the confidence he needed as a single parent.

Season 3, episode 7: Queer Eye Hero Thomas Diggs

You can find Queer Eye hero Thomas Diggs on Instagram. (Netflix/Queer Eye)
You can find Queer Eye hero Thomas Diggs on Instagram. (Netflix/Queer Eye)

Shy gamer Thomas was nominated for Queer Eye by his older, loving sister.

The episode “Sloth to Slay” showed the 21-year-old come into his own as he grew in confidence.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Thomas (@thomasdiggs97) on

You can find him on Instagram, though he is not terribly active. However, you will see that he still has that passion for video games.

In a more recent Instagram post, he also revealed that the bed lamp that Queer Eye’s interior designer Bobby Berk picked out had broken.

Season 3, episode 7: Queer Eye Hero Tony Blanco

Last, but not least, Tony Blanco starred in the latest episode we’ve all probably seen by now, “Baby on Board.” 

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His live-in girlfriend Brianna nominated the father-to-be to help get his life on track ahead of the due date.

Since the show, the biggest update for Tony is, of course, the birth of his new baby girl, Rowan.

View this post on Instagram

I have been crazy nervous about our episode because I know that we were a mess, and let’s be honest, a mess is putting it nicely! Regardless, I am so thankful that we were able to have the Fab 5 come into our lives and help us prepare for baby Rowan. I’m so thankful that we have the amazing support system we do. I’m thankful that Kai has turned into the most gorgina big sister anyone could ask for who constantly tries to sneak the baby treats that she can’t eat yet 😂. I’m thankful for all of our friends and family who have been here on this new baby journey. I’m thankful for all the new friendships that we’ve made because of this experience. But, I’m most thankful for my partner in crime Tony papa bear Blanco, for being brave enough to put himself out there. For loving me enough to ask for help. For teaching me how to ask for help because let’s be honest with this crew I need to ask quite a bit. I love you babe and there is no one I’d rather raise these little girls with. ❤️🥰😍 Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has helped us through this amazing journey especially @tonymfblanco @queereye @jvn @tanfrance @bobbyberk @antoni @karamo

A post shared by Brianna McMahill (@briannamcmahill) on

You can follow both Tony and Brianna on Instagram as they sure photos of their gorgeous little family.

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