Former boxing world champion Adrien Broner has threatened to shoot gay people in a disturbing video posted to Instagram.

Broner, who most recently held the WBA light welterweight title in 2016, made the comments after a spat with internet personality Andrew Caldwell.

The US boxer, 29, said in the Instagram Stories clip: “This a PSA. If any fag, punk ass n**** come up on me, trying to touch me, or all that gay s**t, I’m letting you know right now… if I ain’t got my gun on me, I’m knocking you the f**k out.

Adrien Broner: ‘If I’ve got my gun, I’m shooting you in the f**king face’

“If I got my gun on me, I’m shooting you in the f**king face, and that’s on God and them.

“I’m not playing with none of these n****s. I don’t like gay s**t.”

In another clip, he shouts Caldwell’s catchphrase, “Delivert!”

Adrien Broner poses on the scale during his official weigh-in at MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 18, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Adrien Broner poses on the scale during his official weigh-in at MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 18, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Ethan Miller/Getty)

Andrew Caldwell is most famous for a 2014 viral video in which he claimed to be cured of homosexuality in church, shouting “I’m not gay no more!”.

According to Bleacher Report, Caldwell had alleged the boxer had been flirting.

Broner replied publicly: “if you don’t get out my inbox before I punch the testosterone out yo gay ass.”

In 2018, the boxer was arrested on a misdemeanour sexual battery charge, though he was released on bail.

In January 2019, Broner made a violent threat to a journalist at a post-fight press conference.

Several boxing champions have been accused of homophobia

Broner is not the only boxer to face homophobia allegations.

In 2016, world champion Manny Pacquiao described gay couples as “worse than animals.”

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“It’s common sense,” he said. “Will you see any animals where male is to male and female is to female? The animals are better.

“They know how to distinguish male from female. If we approve male on male, female on female then man is worse than animals.”

Pacquiao was later elected as a Senator in the Philippines.

In 2018, Australian boxer Anthony Mundine claimed capital punishment was “the only way to deter the problem” of homosexuality.

He said: “If we were to live in a society, just like in Aboriginal culture, that homosexuality is forbidden and you do it and the consequences are capital punishment or death, you think you are going to do it, or think twice about doing it?

“That’s the only way to deter the problem.”

He added: “Hang them suckers…. they are not going to be happy until they have primary school kids being gay.

‘If you are going to be gay, do it behind closed doors, that is how it used to be.”

Mundine later claimed his remarks had been “twisted.”

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