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New anti-LGBT lobbying group Gone Too Far compares gays to Hitler

Nick Duffy February 8, 2019
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Flag of the National Press Club in DC, where the Gone Too Far press launch was held

Flag of the National Press Club in DC, where the Gone Too Far press launch was held (Creative Commons)

A new anti-LGBT lobbying group called Gone Too Far has launched in Washington, DC, and they wasted no time comparing gay people to Hitler, slave owners and paedophiles.

The Gone Too Far coalition was set up by anti-LGBT evangelicals to battle against the Equality Act, a proposed law supported by Democrats in Congress that would introduce federal discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The group’s February 5 press launch in Washington, DC, got off to a shaky start, as a series of speakers lined up to make inflammatory comments.

Gone Too Far organiser Randy Short links gays to paedophiles

In a recording published by Right Wing Watch, pro-Trump preacher Randy Short—one of the 10 members of the Gone Too Far’s all-male organising committee—openly conflates homosexuality and paedophilia.

He declares: “We don’t need a Hitler. We’ve got LGBTQ. We’ve got the eugenicists, we’ve got these insane liberals.”

Short adds: “Today is the day that we declare war on those who are ungodly, unbiblical and wicked.”

The pastor turned his fire on members of the Congressional Black Caucus for endorsing the Equality Act, adding: “The civil rights movement, somehow they merged the unholiness of this movement, of do whatever you want to whomever you want to, particularly if they’re underage, and it’s been merged into our long struggle for freedom in this country.”

Gone Too Far's all-male organising committee
Gone Too Far’s all-male organising committee.

Claiming that slave owners were gay, he added: “It’s time for us to separate from the homophile agenda, the paedophile agenda they want to pass, with this so-called Equality Act that we call the paedophile bill.”

Also speaking at the event was extremist preacher Scott Lively, the author of The Pink Swastika, who once assaulted a woman.

Gone Too Far claims LGBT+ rights would ‘criminalise’ Christianity

Right Wing Watch reports that speaking at the press launch, Lively falsely claimed the Equality Act would abolish the age of consent, and insisted transgender people are promoting a “paedophilia agenda.”

The group’s website is just as extreme, claiming: “Speaker Pelosi is wishing to name LGBTQ+ as a ‘sexual minority’ and add this group as a special protected class under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

“Skin colour is genetic and immutable. Gender is genetic and immutable. However, homosexuality is a sinful sexual behaviour and thousands of former homosexuals have been saved and abandoned homosexual behaviour.

“If the US Government declares LGBTQ+ as a protected minority, then Christianity would be effectively criminalised and the First Amendment voided.”

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