Gay Hunted contestant’s emotional confession makes viewers cry

Josh Jackman January 25, 2019
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Harry Savage comforts his brother Frank on Hunted (Hunted)

Gay Hunted contestant Harry Savage brought viewers to tears on Thursday (January 24) when he and his brother Frank opened up about their dead mother.

The brothers revealed that their mum died four months before they went on Channel 4‘s reality show, which requires participants to avoid being caught by a group of former intelligence and police officers.

Viewers found out about the tragedy after seeing Frank, 23, consoling a clearly distraught Harry, 20.

After Frank asked him what was wrong, Harry told him, through tears: “I don’t know, it just gives you time to think, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, I know,” responded Frank, who told him while stroking his brother‘s hair: “You ain’t gotta be tough all the time. It’s alright to let it out now and again.”

“I’ve had a bit of a s**t year, but we all say us Savages don’t give up, no matter what”

Hunted contestant Harry Savage

When Harry said it was hard, Frank agreed, telling him: “Yeah, it is hard. Nothing in life comes easy, mate. Nothing worth having comes easy, anyway.”

Hunted contestants Harry and Frank Savage talk about their parents

In a scene filmed before the Savage brothers went on the run, Harry explained to the audience: “Mum only died in the last four months, but even dad [who died] five years ago—it’s all still quite fresh.”

Frank explained: “Mum was diagnosed with dementia, she was young, and within three years it killed her.

“My dad was more of a shock. He was fit and healthy, they found him at home dead with a heart attack, at 55.”

Frank and Harry Savage, two contestants on Channel 4 show Hunted
Hunted “fugitives” Frank and Harry Savage (Channel 4)

Harry said that he had signed up for Hunted “to challenge myself. I’ve had a bit of a s**t year, but we all say us Savages don’t give up, no matter what.

“That’s a family trait of ours.”

Hunted fans left in tears by revelations

People watching Hunted posted emotional responses to the episode, which was the third of season four.

One fan wrote: “My heart is breaking for these two guys. I just want to hug them both. Do this for your mum and dad. Make them proud.”

Another said: “I absolutely love these two. Please don’t catch them .”

And a different tweeter commented: “What a sad story—really hope they win—their Mum & Dad will be proud!”

Others expressed their admiration for Frank, with one person saying: “Frank is the best big brother ever!!! What a guy to Harry xx .”

“Bless them. Frank is such a sweetheart,” wrote another fan, who added: “Tragic to lose one parent so young, let alone both.

“I’m sure they’d be so proud of the bond between these two lovely guys and how well they are doing at such a difficult time .”

A different commenter tweeted: “Never have I ever wanted a contestant to win as much as these two! Wish my big brother was as caring as this one is.”

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