A viral video features a dad demonstrating exactly how to parent, with help from Frozen track “Let It Go”.

Proud father Ørjan Burøe uploaded the viral video of himself looking after 4-year-old son and Frozen fan Dexter.

The Norwegian comedian and his son are both dressed as Frozen princess Elsa, dancing along to “Let It Go.”

Ørjan Burøe dances to Frozen track "Let It Go" with son Dexter in the viral video (Ørjan Burøe)
Ørjan Burøe dances to Frozen track “Let It Go” with son Dexter in the viral video (Ørjan Burøe)

The pair appear to have put some practice into the routine, pulling off some pretty adorable dance moves.

Viral video dad praised for inclusive approach to parenting

Burøe added: “mom is gone, no stress💞”

The viral video has received 20 million views on Facebook and 250,000 shares, with users flooding the page with praise for parenting unconstrained by gender.

“Teach them that what you wear doesn’t define your identity or sexuality. Clothes have no gender!”

— A top Facebook comment

One top comment says: “This is so cool. Children like to play, like to dress up.

“Teach them that what you wear doesn’t define your identity or sexuality. Clothes have no gender! You like it? Then just wear it.”

Another added: “Your boy is gonna have a great life, with you as his role model. If i had a father like you, i may not have lived the first 27 years of my life in the closet.

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“You are an example of how this should be dealt with. I wish u all a wonderful, and amazing life.”

One joked: “Where do you get a fully grown man’s size Elsa dress?… asking for a friend.”

Another commenter wrote: “Allowing your child to explore and dress up in whatever is fantastic, what an amazing parent you are xxx”

A few people also noticed Burøe’s costume was missing a few pieces.

One read: “I showed this to my 5year old daughter, only thing she noticed: ‘where is the dad‘s crown?'”

Another added: “As said in the bible, one cannot wear a dress this fabulous without heels. Pls, dad put some shoes on.”

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Award-winning singer Adele was praised by fans in 2016 after she was spotted at Disneyland with 4-year-old son Angelo, who was wearing a Princess Anna dress.

Though the singer keeps her son out the spotlight, she has been vocal about her inclusive approach to parenting, explaining: “I can’t wait to know who his best friends are going to be, who his girlfriend or his boyfriend is going to be… whatever my kid wants to do or be I will always support him no matter what”.

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