Viral tweet explains why dating is so hard for bisexual women

Josh Jackman January 17, 2019
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An Instagram photo of the tweeter who went viral by posting about flirting with other bisexual women

The post about flirting with queer women went viral on Twitter (_Eleomar_/instagram and twitter)

A bisexual woman has gone viral by highlighting one of the eternal struggles queer women face while dating.

On January 9, Twitter user gilltheamazon admitted to her followers that “as a bisexual woman, I still cannot tell if another woman is flirting with me or just being nice.”

She added that “on that same note I have no idea how to convey to a woman I’m not just being nice, I’m flirting with you.”

Tweet about flirting and dating for queer women
This tweet about flirting with queer women has attracted around 30,000 retweets and likes. (gilltheamazon/twitter)

“Like yes I think you’re pretty and your shoes are hot but also kiss me?”

Flood of queer people show it’s not just bisexual women who struggle

The post has attracted around 30,000 retweets and likes.

There has also been a tsunami of messages from other queer women who have difficulty conveying their attraction or working out if someone else is flirting with them.

Bisexual women wrote posts like “story of being BI ” and “bisexual problems ” to show the original poster that she wasn’t alone.

Others shared their stories of disappointment, with one writing: “One time I told a girl her eyes were pretty and she was like: ‘Thanks love! Your makeup is cute!’ and she walked away before I could ask for her number.”

Another said: “Yep I feel you 110%… There is this cute girl I know and I feel like there is something more behind the compliments we give each other then the ones we give to other female friends, and I can see it in her eyes but I’m so scared of her being grossed out if I become more flirty.”

“I’m pansexual and I feel this on a core level “

— @ThePeachyBot

And there were also those who quote-tweeted the viral post while calling out a subject of their attentions.


A different user posted it with the message: “@ that girl who sat behind me in my Monday class.”

And other queer women made it clear that they felt the same way, like the users who tweeted: “This goes for lesbians, too” and “I’m lesbian and I have this problem .”

Another commenter wrote: “I’m pansexual and I feel this on a core level .”

An Instagram picture of the person who posted a viral tweet about bisexual women
The original poster ripped into straight men trying to use her tweet to prove a point. (_Eleomar_/instagram)

Men joined in as well. One wrote: “As a bisexual man who is usually assumed to be gay, this is me in every straight bar/party. Yes, we can talk about Drag Race but also…can it be on a date?”

Another said: “Bi/Gay men have this issue too, the difference is wrong move and we die .”

Straight men try to ruin tweet for bisexual women

Unfortunately, the fun was interrupted by one group this viral tweet was distinctly not written for: straight men.

After replying to some of the many tweets sent by men who wanted to use her viral post to back up their points about women being difficult to flirt with, the original tweeter spoke to all straight men.

“I will literally only say this once more: women are confused because it is our CULTURE to compliment each other in bars, at parties literally everywhere,” she said.

“This tweet was not for men to claim. Bye.”

— @gilltheamazon

“We are KIND to each other. Men don’t compliment my earrings just for funzies. This tweet was not for men to claim. Bye.”

Speaking directly to one of the men, she wrote: “I can’t tell a woman is flirting with me because women’s culture is to be inherently KIND to one another and compliment each other.

“Do not apply my narrative for your own. I’ve had a woman say she likes my lip gloss and my jeans fit well as a way of flirting. Not the same.”

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