Piers Morgan says Greggs should have gender fluid name

Josh Jackman January 3, 2019
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TV host Piers Morgan arrives to BritWeek 2012's "Evening with Piers Morgan" on May 4, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California

Piers Morgan has suggested that Greggs make its name gender fluid (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)

Piers Morgan has hit out at Greggs after the chain launched a vegan sausage roll, saying it should adopt a gender fluid name.

The Good Morning Britain host, who has previously used gender fluid concepts to ridicule initiatives that promote diversity, tweeted Greggs on Wednesday (January 2): “Isn’t it time you changed your name to something more gender fluid & less toxically masculine?”

“Oh hello Piers, we’ve been expecting you.”

— Greggs’ tweet to Piers Morgan

Greggs’ name comes from the surname of its founder, Newcastle baker John Gregg.

The post came after Morgan tweeted his outrage at Greggs’ initial announcement, saying: “Nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns.”

This led the bakery company to reply: “Oh hello Piers, we’ve been expecting you.”

Greggs’ tweet went viral, attracting more than 100,000 retweets and likes. Morgan’s response 21 minutes later— as many have pointed out online—has fared much worse, gaining around 3,500.

A tweet from Piers Morgan to Greggs which reads: "Isn’t it time you changed your name to something more gender-fluid & less toxically masculine?"
Piers Morgan called on Greggs to change its name to a gender fluid moniker (piersmorgan/twitter)

This is despite Morgan having 6.51 million followers to Greggs’ 151,000.

Piers Morgan’s tweet prompts many to try vegan sausage roll

Morgan’s derogatory comments about Greggs’ vegan sausage roll had the reverse effect on many who voiced their intention to buy one as soon as possible.

One of these tweeters said: “Hello Greggs; I have never eaten anything made by you, and I am not a vegan. But you have pissed off Piers Morgan, so I shall make sure I buy one of your vegan sausage rolls just because of that .”

Another suggested their own renaming idea, saying: “Greggs @GreggsOfficial just owned and humiliated @piersmorgan.

“As a meat eating Steak Bake fan I’m going to try a vegan sausage roll and I think you should consider renaming it ‘the Piers’.”

“Thanks @GreggsOfficial I will buying one today. Would not have known about it, without your advertising @piersmorgan”

— @KarenAms

And other commenters wrote that Morgan was the only reason they were now aware of the roll.

“As a Guardian reading, feminist, vegan with pink hair I have been waiting for this for many years,” said one of these tweeters.

“Thanks @GreggsOfficial I will buying one today. Would not have known about it, without your advertising @piersmorgan.”

Piers Morgan has history of attacking gender fluid people

ITV presenter Morgan called gender fluid people “damaging to society” on his show last year, and said non-binary kids were “a contagion” in May while questioning trans non-binary couple Fox Fisher and Owl’s gender identities.

He followed this up with the claim that gender fluid people were “absurd.”

And after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced last month they were expecting a child, Morgan derided trans people by predicting that the baby would be “a gender fluid vegan.”

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