Munroe Bergdorf’s alternative Queen’s Speech takes on LGBT issues

Nick Duffy December 26, 2018
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Munroe Bergdorf wearing red sunglasses and purple lipstick

The man who hired Munroe Bergdorf as a campaigner for Childline is receiving homophobic abuse online. (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)

Trans activist Munroe Bergdorf has given an alternative Queen’s Speech, and she nailed it.

The Queen has not once publicly spoken about LGBT+ people across her nearly 66 years on the throne, so acclaimed trans activist Munroe Bergdorf decided to take the opportunity to address some of the pressing issues left unmentioned.

In a clip released on Christmas Day as the Queen made her annual Christmas broadcast, Bergdorf celebrated some of the “triumphant wins” for LGBT+ inclusivity and visibility, and warned about the work still left to do.

Munroe Bergdorf’s alternative Queen’s Speech tackled LGBT+ issues

She said: “Let’s start with education, please think of the children. Take a moment to think about the young ones who still don’t see any representation or relatable role models in history, on television, or in classrooms.

“Our education system and curriculum must mirror the changes in society and cater for all students regardless of race, religion, gender identity or sexuality.”

Bergdorf added: “We don’t just need to educate we need to legislate, legislate against the eradication of our queer spaces and services both physical and virtual, especially the female and trans ones.

“Legislate for the rights, safety and protection of all consenting sex workers, legislate against the continuous spread of HIV after people are being turned down from the NHS PReP trials.”

“Wake up Britain, this is our time to rise up.”

— Munroe Bergdorf

Bergdorf continued: “We must work to put an end to the shocking rates of global trans suicide, and to help those in the 74 countries where it is still illegal to be gay, 36 of which are Commonwealth countries who are still under the reign of our British monarchy.”

She concluded: “Wake up Britain, this is our time to rise up. Education, legislation, reparation. Long live our Qweens.”

Munroe Bergdorf was ‘frustrated’ by the traditional Queen’s Speech

Speaking to Out magazine, Bergdorf explained the motivation behind the speech.

She said: “I’m not trying to cause beef with the Queen, but it’s very frustrating to see institutions of high influence glaze over the issues and sprinkle sugar on things when things aren’t going very well.

Qween's Speech: Trans activist Munroe Bergdorf starred in the alternative Queen's Speech
Qween’s Speech: Trans activist Munroe Bergdorf starred in the alternative Queen’s Speech

“To not even mention racism, sexually transmitted diseases, gender-based discrimination, or the rise in hate crimes since Brexit invalidates the experiences of so many people.

“It’s almost like the Queen’s Speech is only for certain people — the people who can afford to sweep things under the rug and ignore things. That’s not me. That’s not a lot of people in Britain.”

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