Jonathan Van Ness reveals how he was cast in Queer Eye

Patrick Kelleher December 22, 2018
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Jonathan Van Ness at the Emmys

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Jonathan Van Ness has revealed how he was cast on Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye, and compared the selection process to America’s Next Top Model.

Van Ness made the comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he explained that he heard that Netflix was planning on rebooting the show. He knew straight away that he wanted to be part of the “pink makeover.”

He explained that there were a number of steps in the selection process.

“You go and you chat, and after you chat you do this little video interview thing. Then after that they narrowed it down to, I think there was like 50 of us, so 50 really talented gay men descended upon this ballroom in Glendale, California, and we basically mingled each other to death, but in a really loving way.

“It’s kind of like in America’s Next Top Model, when there’s the top two in the finale and everyone’s like, ‘I just want this so bad.’ That was what we were all like.

“But I think what we all had more in common was that we really wanted to create this show.”

Jonathan Van Ness also explained how he found out that he had been successful to appear on Netflix’s Queer Eye.

“When you audition for something, there’s non-disclosures. I was really good about that. So I was doing my client’s hair and my assistant and I were there, and the phone rang and I saw it was them. I was like, ‘Oh my God you guys, don’t make a sound, I’m just gonna put this on mute and put this on speakerphone, but you didn’t hear a thing, got it?’”

He then said that his four Queer Eye co-stars are now his “life friends” and said he loves them “so much.”

Jonathan Van Ness on Broadway

It has been an extraordinary year for Jonathan Van Ness, who has become a firm favourite among Queer Eye fans.

Earlier this week, he made his Broadway debut, taking to the stage on December 17 for a performance of Celebrity Autobiography.

The award-winning comedy show sees celebrities act out other celebrities’ memoirs verbatim.

Van Ness is also loved by fans for his quirky fashion sense, and he turned more than a few heads with the outfit he wore to the Emmys in September.

Jonathan Van Ness at the Emmys
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

However, not everyone loved his outfit. One person referred to him on Instagram as “the guy in the dress” and said he looked like the villain in Despicable Me 3.

But Jonathan Van Ness had the last word by responding: “I look f***ing stunning and my name is Jonathan, snap chat filter using on your insta tiny circle private profile having self.”

Many other social media users applauded Ness’ look and plenty of celebrities piled in on the love-in.

Tess Holliday, an American plus sized model, wrote: “Proud of you BB,” while actress Kelly Ripa said: “Dream. Absolute.”

Jonathan Van Ness: Psychotic depression

Van Ness revealed in July that he also spent six months battling psychotic depression after his stepdad died.

The Queer Eye star has previously spoken out about the impact the death of his stepdad had on his life, when the grooming expert revealed he gained 70 pounds in three months.

Speaking to Time Out, the hair guru discussed the emotional trauma he went through after his stepdad passed away saying that, because he stopped taking medication suddenly, it worsened his depression.

“I was 25, and I was watching my stepdad pass away from cancer. I was in yoga every day, I was in therapy, and I got on and off medication the same year. When I got off of them, I quit cold turkey.

“It was, like, six months of psychotic depression. So, don’t do that. If you do decide to get off, definitely wean yourself off.”

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