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South Carolina restaurant patron finds ‘fag’ note in bag

Sofia Lotto Persio December 20, 2018
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The South Carolina restaurant Yesterdays restaurant and tavern.

South Carolina restaurant Yesterdays restaurant and tavern has fired a waiter over homophobic behaviour. (Screenshot/GoogleMaps)

A South Carolina restaurant patron found a note reading “fag” in his bag, after dining at Yesterdays Restaurant & Tavern in Columbia.

The incident was reported by a friend of the customer, who denounced it in a Facebook post showing a picture of the note.

“While eating at Yesterday’s Restaurant & Tavern celebrating my mom’s birthday, one of the kitchen workers placed a note in our friend’s bag that said ‘fag.’ The manager tried to excuse this disgusting behavior by calling it a joke.

“There’s nothing funny about being disrespected. Please don’t patronise them,” Cyntrell Jones Legette wrote in her post, dated December 16, which has since been reposted on the restaurant’s Facebook page as a screenshot.

The homophobic note left by the kitchen worker of a South Carolina restaurant in a customer's bag.
A friend of the South Carolina restaurant patron posted a picture of the homophobic note on Facebook. (Screenshot/Facebook)

The restaurant expressed regret over the “hurtful and offensive” incident in a post on their Facebook page.

“This is a serious matter and we’re treating it as such. While the employee in question was dismissed on the spot this is by no means the end of our commitment to the local LBGTQ community. We have always suported [sic] this community but will step up our efforts and involve our employees. Hopefully we can use this as learning opportunity not just for the employee in question but all of our staff,” the statement read.

South Carolina restaurant apology over homophobic note draws dozens of responses

The South Carolina restaurant also said it held two staff meetings over the incident and will look to hold training with the collaboration of the local LGBT+ community.

The restaurant’s post received dozens of comments, including many expressing support for the staff’s previous conduct. One Facebook user, however, demanded to know why the manager who allegedly referred to the incident as a “joke” had also been fired for failing to properly apologise to the customers.

“We agree 100% that that word is never acceptable in any form and is deplorable. That joke referenced in statement was not intended in any way to excuse or make light of his severe lack of judgement. We were trying to give some background information on how things transpired, not excuses,” the restaurant responded.

Jones, the customer who originally complained about the homophobic note, also posted a response to the South Carolina restaurant.

She said she was not angry at the owners if they truly do not condone their staff’s behaviour, and also rejected the suggestion she’s seeking some form of damages—all she wanted was a sincere apology.

She wrote: “To those who say nothing will make us happy, that is untrue. A sincere apology without making even the slightest excuse or cover up. It was never a joke between employees. I’ve never heard anyone refer to a female as a ‘fag.’ It’s also too coincidental for that note to have ended up in the bag of a gay man. I always have and will continue to stand up for those who are bullied and mistreated. Have a great night everyone!”

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