Jackie Chan’s lesbian daughter defends getting married at 19

Patrick Kelleher December 17, 2018
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Jackie Chan's daughter Etta Ng and her wife Andi Autumn

Jackie Chan's daughter Etta Ng with her wife Andi Autumn. (Instagram)

Jackie Chan’s estranged lesbian daughter Etta Ng has defended her decision to get married at 19, and said her wife is “perfect” and that she knows what she’s doing.

Etta Ng married Andi Autumn in November in Canada, and revealed the news in an Instagram post that saw them both dressed in white and posing with a wedding certificate.

In an interview with Apple Daily, Jackie Chan’s daughter said: “I understand everyone’s thinking, ‘You’re only 19 and don’t know what you’re thinking. You’re rushing to get married. You don’t know what you’re doing. You guys will break up in a few years.’

“I know what I’m doing.”

— Etta Ng

“No way. I know what I’m doing.”

She also responded to the reaction from some fans, who suggested that Andi was only with her for her money.

“As for people saying she’s after my money, I don’t have any money,” she explained.

Etta Ng’s relationship with dad Jackie Chan

In the interview, Etta Ng also opened up about her relationship with her estranged famous father, Jackie Chan.

“I’ve never seen him,” she said. “You asking me if I’ve ever seen him is like me asking you. The level of familiarity I have with him is about the same as yours.

“He’s actually not bad or good in my eyes because I don’t know him. I won’t judge a person I don’t know.

Jackie Chan's daughter Etta Ng with her wife Andi Autumn
Jackie Chan’s daughter Etta Ng with her wife Andi Autumn (Instagram)

“I know when I was younger I said some impulsive things, but right now my mental health is much more balanced. I believe people will do wrong things sometimes.”

Ng also opened up about what it’s like to have a famous parent, saying: “Once I was born, everyone knew who I was. I don’t even know who I am. Everyone is looking at me and waiting to see how I die or how I end up.”

Etta Ng also said that it was stressful being Jackie Chan’s daughter, and that children at school used to bully her as they thought she had a relationship with Chan.

Etta Ng knew she was gay when she was 12

Jackie Chan’s daughter also revealed in the interview that she knew she was gay when she was 12 years old.

“Other girls would discuss which boys they liked, but it was different with me as I was attracted to other girls,” she said.

“There are many children in this world who do not have a family and they yearn for love.”

— Etta Ng

She also said that she and her wife, Andi Autumn, are now hoping to adopt a child together.

“There are many children in this world who do not have a family and they yearn for love,” she added.

Etta Ng and Andi Autumn’s lesbian marriage

When Etta Ng married Andi Autumn in November, the pair posted a statement on a joint Instagram account.

They said that they were now “united by love & law” and added: “If you never give up on love and you put all your heart into the family you’ve dreamed of, an open mind and warm heart will guide you to happiness.”

“We have been in the pursuit of happiness the day we were born. Abused as children who never felt love, we have so much to give,” Ng and Autumn continued.

“We have conquered our fears, accepted our faults, and now we understand that the people who hurt us are hurting still. We have all been hurt but if you can dream of love, you can find it.

“Love is kind, it does not judge. Love is both strength and weakness. Love can make change. Love wins!”

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