Munroe Bergdorf has lashed out at Good Morning Britain (GMB) host Piers Morgan, calling him “bigoted” after he labelled gender fluid children “a fad” and “a farce.”

On the ITV show aired on Tuesday (November 27), the transgender activist told Morgan that he held his views on gender questioning kids “because you’re a cis straight man.”

Bergdorf came on GMB to talk about the Dorothy Stringer School, a secondary institution in Brighton where 40 students don’t identify with the gender assigned at birth and a further 36 pupils are gender fluid—meaning they don’t identify with the gender assigned at birth “all the time”—as head teacher Richard Bradford told The Times.

The model and trans rights activist said this was the result of a supportive environment.

Munroe Bergdorf attends the Nana Judy front row during New York Fashion Week
Munroe Bergdorf went head-to-head with Piers Morgan, and wouldn’t give an inch (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)

She was faced with Morgan’s long-standing cynicism of gender fluid people, with the presenter asking: “Is it possible they’ve all just latched onto a fad that is getting more and more attention, and they are basically having their minds turned to gender fluidity?”

Bergdorf responded: “I don’t think that’s the case at all. I think that what we’re seeing is children expressing or experimenting with their gender, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Morgan then asked: “Where does this end? Do we end up with literally nobody in the future identifying as male and female?”

The model replied: “Well, maybe. Not nobody, but some people are trans, and that’s a fact.”

Munroe Bergdorf tells Piers Morgan he’s not pro-trans

Bergdorf also confronted Morgan on his claim that he “completely supports the ethos of genuine transgenderism.”

“But you don’t, Piers, because you bring gender neutral and non-binary people onto your show constantly and berate them. Very consistently,” she told him.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain
Munroe Bergdorf told Piers Morgan: “You bring gender neutral and non-binary people onto your show constantly and berate them” (ITV)

Morgan, who has called non-binary kids “a contagion” and claimed that gender fluid people were “absurd” as well as “damaging to society” on the programme, said: “Well no, I bring them on and I challenge them about gender fluidity, that’s where I have an issue.”

“That’s still under the trans bracket,” explained Bergdorf, causing Morgan to stammer, saying: “Well, maybe, but—”

“No, not maybe. Absolutely,” responded the activist.

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Morgan insisted: “Gender fluidity to me, I think it’s a farce, personally.”

“That’s your own bigoted opinion,” Bergdorf responded.

TV host Piers Morgan arrives to BritWeek 2012's "Evening with Piers Morgan"
Piers Morgan told Munroe Bergdorf that gender fluidity was “a farce” (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)

“I don’t think it’s bigoted,” the ITV host pleaded, adding that “if people can decide one day they’re male, one day they’re female, next day back to male, I think it’s ridiculous.”

Bergdorf dismissed this, telling Morgan: “That’s because you’re a cis straight man.”

Watch Munroe Bergdorf tell off Piers Morgan here:

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