Is Bully 2 confirmed and when is it coming out?

Tom Duggins October 15, 2018
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Rumours surrounding Bully 2 from Rockstar Games have been circulating online for years, but with a big release only weeks away gamers are already looking forward to further announcements.

When Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally released on October 26, it will bring an end to years of anticipation amongst fans of the Red Dead series and fans of the Rockstar brand more generally.

But once it does finally come out, the all-important question will begin to grow even louder: what are Rockstar working on for their next release and when can we expect it?

Although no official word has come from Rockstar themselves (believe it or not, they don’t tend to court publicity), the online rumour mill never stops trying to second-guess their inner workings.

So, is Bully 2 confirmed as their next title slated for release? If so, when might we expect it? And what other titles might also be in contention?

Is Bully 2 the next Rockstar game?


There are a lot of people now convinced that a follow-up to 2006’s Bully is certain to be announced as the next Rockstar title. This is due to the leak of a casting call for young actors on behalf of a major UK games developer, to be shot at the iconic Pinewood Studios.

The (very brief) description of the game makes it sound like it will probably centre around a secondary school and involve low-key violence, similar to the original Bully.

However, this can’t be read as any more than rumour at this stage. It’s also possible that the long-awaited Agent is planned for Rockstar’s next release and both games have been the subject of online ‘leaks’ which are far from definitive.

When is Bully 2 coming out?


If the rumours of a casting call are to be believed – and that’s a big if – then that provides at least an indication as to when we could see Bully 2 come out.

If the casting process has already begun, that suggests that a script may well have been written and the game’s basic development may be quite far along.

However, with the growing complexity of games today, the actual process of shooting and then working motion capture into the game itself is very time consuming.

A recent interview with Vulture confirmed that the script for Red Dead Redemption 2 was 2,000 pages in length and required the casting of 1,200 actors. Even if Bully 2 is only half as intricate as the latest Red Dead game (and since Rockstar don’t tend to do things by halves, that’s a big assumption to make), it could still take a couple of years to shoot, code and fully test.

It seems a little silly to be saying this, since it’s all speculation, but if Bully 2 is going to be Rockstar’s next release then 2021 might be a realistic year for when we’ll see it.

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