Which edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 should I buy?

Tom Duggins October 12, 2018
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Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 is available in a Standard Edition, Special Edition, Ultimate Edition and exclusive Collector’s Box. But which is the best value and are the bonus features really worth it?

It says something about the intense anticipation surrounding the latest addition to the Red Dead series that Rockstar Games have loaded up not one but two bonus editions which are distinct from the game’s standard version.

None of the content which these bonus editions provide will affect the overall gameplay. In a tweet to a concerned gamer who had the game on pre-order, the Rockstar team cleared that up effectively:

On the basis of the previews, the Standard Edition of the game is set to be more than just an enjoyable gaming experience. Fans can expect the usual attention to detail and richly rewarding gameplay that is synonymous with the Rockstar brand.

But does that make the Special or Ultimate Editions any less attractive? And what goodies are there exactly in the exotic-sounding Collector’s Box?

Special edition

The stand-out feature of the Special Edition lies in its two extra missions (see above). If you want all the Rockstar content you can get, then this might justify the extra price tag. (It costs £25 more than the game’s Standard Edition, which costs £49.99).

Of course, that’s not all the Special Edition gives you. You also get an exceptionally fast ‘Dappled Black Thoroughbred’ horse to ride, and an array of exclusive items and gameplay boosts that will make the Story Mode just a little easier.

If you actually prefer a game to be challenging, this might not appeal too much, but it’s worth pointing out that – included in the price tag – you get free access to additional weapons, including the ‘Volcanic Pistol’ and ‘Pump Action Shotgun’. If these are pieces of kit which you’d consider paying for anyway, you might consider it worth the investment.

Ultimate Edition

All of the bonus Story Mode content from the Special Edition is included in the Ultimate Edition, with a few extra features to tempt you to part with that extra cash.

Some extra outfits are included as part of the deal (Blackrose Bounty Hunter Outfit anyone?), and you can also personalise your own Camp with free access to ‘the Survivor Camp Theme’.

You also get a very handsome-looking physical copy of the game map and your chances in the game’s Online Play are improved thanks to faster ranking ‘up to rank 25’.

However, in all honesty, the Ultimate Edition is very close to the Special Edition. Whether those extra pieces of content are worth it, is a personal call, since the Ultimate Edition is £89.99 compared to the Standard Edition’s £74.99).

The collector’s box

To be clear, the Collector’s Box does not actually include the game itself. It is a collection of neatly designed trophies and collector’s items – including a bandanna, cigarette cards and a treasure map – which are in keeping with the game’s fictional universe.

If it’s just the game you’re interested in, this is definitely not the right choice for you. However, the hardcore followers of the title might find some of these luxurious pieces difficult to resist. At £89.99, it costs the same as the Ultimate Edition of the game.

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