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The billboard in A Star Is Born has been turned into a hilarious gay meme

Josh Jackman October 10, 2018

The meme took off this week (a star is born and twitter)

Twitter has turned a billboard from A Star Is Born into a glorious gay meme, and we’re very much here for it.

The poster, which is seen on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip during a scene in the hit film in which Lady Gaga’s character Ally takes a break from getting ready to stare at her likeness, shows her in bisexual lighting with the caption: “ALLY.”

With colours taken straight from the bi flag and what looks a lot like a huge, all-capitals message of support for LGBT+ people, it was only a matter of time before someone turned the image into a meme.

A Star is Born stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (Warner Media)

The internet duly obliged, with one tweeter starting it all off by posting the picture and writing: “Here’s the thing: on Twitter Ally stans would be called… Allies.”

A meme was born, and others took up the baton to heap praise on unheralded allies of queer people everywhere.

Sally Field’s son Sam Greisman wrote: “My friend in 9th grade who would watch The Anna Nicole Smith show with me.”

“My friend in 9th grade who would watch The Anna Nicole Smith show with me” (samgreis/twitter)

Another tweeted: “When God invented the prostate.”

He’s not wrong. Not by a long shot.

“When God invented the prostate” (majtague/twitter)

Another commenter said: “when a straight person plays Carly Rae Jepsen.”

“When a straight person plays Carly Rae Jepsen” (kevinpokeeffe/twitter)

One fan of the meme said: “My dad is watching Alyssa Edwards’ Netflix show he is a true” above the big “ALLY” poster.

“My dad is watching Alyssa Edwards’ Netflix show he is a true” (huntersuxx/twitter)

There were also references to Call Me By Your Name, whose director Luca Guadagnino revealed this week that he wants to cast 50 Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson as Oliver’s wife.

One person contributed: “When Mafalda changed the bedsheets.”

“When Mafalda changed the bedsheets” (colormejorge/twitter)

Another tweeted: “When Elio’s dad says ‘what a waste.'”

“When Elio’s dad says ‘what a waste'” (slade/twitter)

Moonlight, which won the best film honour at the 2016 Academy Awards, also got a shout-out.

“When Janelle Monae makes the bed for Chiron,” said one person.

“When Janelle Monae makes the bed for Chiron” (RealToddHaynes/twitter)

Other tweets were more sexual, though no less accurate, with one reading: “when my str8 coworker likes my tweets about eating ass.”

“when my str8 coworker likes my tweets about eating ass” (MrMichaelSwartz/twitter)

Last week, another meme swept the internet, as people took a new, gay version of the distracted boyfriend meme into their hearts.

Last year’s hit meme, also known as the girlfriend vs the other girl, took over timelines as thousands of users doctored the original image — a man lustfully staring at another woman while the woman he’s with looks outraged — to make clever alternatives.

“Is… is this an improved version of the ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ meme” (skylxrksays/twitter)

The new edition featured a bride and groom posing by the ocean, but while the woman is looking meaningfully at the camera, her beloved is staring at someone else: a hunky man walking out of the ocean in tight trunks.

And earlier this week, a mother’s embarrassing tweet sparked the viral “MY son” meme, which made a joke out of the anti-feminist #HimToo movement.

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