Ask the Aunties: My straight boyfriend thinks bisexuality isn’t valid

Amy Ashenden September 28, 2018
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Lee, Rhys and Karnage (PinkNews)

PinkNews brings you Ask the Aunties, where our fabulous queer agony aunts answer your dilemmas.

From dating to telling your pals your pronouns, no dilemma is left unanswered.

Lee Gray, Karnage Kills and Rhys Hollis are the queer agony aunts you’ve always wanted, honey.

The last episode saw the aunties answer a dilemma from a 31-year-old lesbian who has fallen in love with her straight best friend and can’t decide whether or not to tell her. You can watch the aunties’ reactions here.

In this episode, the aunties answer a dilemma sent in from a bisexual woman who is feeling disgruntled with her cisgender, heterosexual boyfriend’s lack of interest in queer issues.

Here’s her dilemma:

I’m a bisexual woman in a relationship with a cishet man. He doesn’t engage with queer issues and culture, and he’s just not really interested.

When I try and talk to him about LGBTQ issues, he says I’m “on my high horse” and think I’m better than everyone else.

He won’t even watch Nanette FFS, even though I’ve explained how much it would mean to me if he did.

I feel like when I’m at home with him, that part of my identity doesn’t exist.

I’m starting to wonder whether it’s even possible to be in a healthy relationship with someone straight. Need advice on how to navigate this!

Watch the video to see the aunties—unfiltered—advice.

Lee Gray is a YouTuber and part-time podcaster with Karnage Kills – together they produce a podcast about black queer men’s experiences living and dating in London, called Wolves in the City.

Karnage is a rapper and grime artist from north London, regularly performing on the queer scene. You can also listen to his tracks on SoundCloud.

Rhys Hollis is a drag and cabaret performer, and this year’s winner of LIPSYNC1000.

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