Literotica: 5 websites to quench your online erotica thirst

PinkNews Staff Writer September 25, 2018
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Websites like Literotica to get you hot and bothered. (Pexels)

Literotica, and other sites like it, will fill your evenings with erotic passion.

Imagine this: You’re at home and in the mood for some sexual mischief with erotica.

Except you’re alone under the covers and you don’t quite know how to satisfy those urges.

You’ve tried a couple of sites already, but it’s just not doing it for you this time. Sure, the internet has trillions of options when it comes to sexual fantasies, but it’s easy to get lost in the mix.

Without realising, you end up scrolling through the pages of Google for hours but, much like Bono, you still can’t find what you’re looking for.

Let’s consider something new, something exciting, something that will bring us that oh-so-personal release.

Videos are fun, but you’ve been there done that and it might be time to switch things up. Why not try to titillate your mind with some words instead of images? Rather than seeing the hairy butts of ageing actors, why not imagine your own, fictitious, perfect bottom?

Well, consider this our gift to you: A shortcut to the wonderful and inventive world of online erotica, where imagination is your only restrain (unless you’re into bondage, of course). This selection of erotica sites will hopefully save you some precious minutes next time you’re bored of Pornhub, YouPorn or GayForIt.

So… what is Literotica?

It is the place for free erotic fiction, and there are many websites that you can go to.

Needless to say these steamy reads are for 18+ only. Underaged readers need not apply.


Woman reading Literotica
Trust us, you won’t be sorry you tested Literotica stories.

When it comes to online erotica, Literotica is a titan of the genre – the clue is literally in the name. It leads the field like a Russian dominatrix, offering thousands of erotic stories with hundreds of tags that explore every sexual fantasy.

From vanilla to hardcore BDSM to everything in-between, we guarantee you’ll find something to float your boat to completion. It even has audiobooks for those who’d rather lie back and relax.

One of the most popular genre tags of this site is actually literotica cheating in which there’s an erotic story about cheating partners. Some people have some naught fantasies, it seems. No judgements here.

Literotica lesbian and Literotica gay erotica are also very popular on the site. There are many Literotica tags to pick from.


Of course, if you want some fiction erotica that caters to the LGBT+ community, PinkNews has you covered too, pals. Just head over to Nifty for some hot gay, lesbian, bi and plus action. With 23,000-plus stories, we guarantee it’ll leave your little gay heart satisfied. You won’t be disappointed with Nifty.


Nifty gay erotica
A straight journalist has moaned that heterosexuality is being ‘marginalised’ (Call Me By Your Name)

Bright Desire

Erotic couple

Bright Desire also features a wide range of free sex stories open to everyone, with a focus on what often missing in porn: the fun of it all. Not only is Bright Desire sex-positive, but it also offers videos and erotic stories that are all about passion, intimacy and straight up pleasure.

Lush Stories

Blake Lively looking all sexy in Gossip Girl
Blake Lively looking all sexy in Gossip Girl (The CW)

Much like Literotica, Lush Stories is a leader of the genre. Ghost sex? Check. Sex through portals? Check. Watersports sex? Check and check. Sexy ghosts playing water polo?

Probably. With 51,018 stories and counting, plus some 198,898 blog posts and 3,041,349 forum posts, we’d be surprised if you don’t find something that toasts your buns on there. Lush Stories works as a social network, too, giving you the chance to connect with other readers and maybe write your own stories.


Woman after reading Literotica or SSSH
You can stop thinking about how everyone else is having sex but you now (Pexels)

Slightly differing from Literotica, this next website Sssh is operated by women for women—and we’re not complaining. It counts thousands of erotic stories, as well as sexy sex education articles so that you know the best way to do you.

Erotic Review

Looking for something a little bit more refined? Erotic Review actually has editors that make sure you only read the best erotic stories out there. No typos or poor grammar here. It’ll satisfy your inner nitpicker and the most high-brow of your fantasies.

Have fun reading the erotic literature, my darlings. Happy Reading!

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