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22 percent of Latino Millennials identify as LGBT+

Nick Duffy August 13, 2018


A study has found that a very high percentage of young Latinos identify as LGBT+.

The GenForward Survey project at the University of Chicago gathers data on the views of young people across the US via a nationally representative survey of over 1,750 young adults.

The study published a report on the identities of young people in a recent report, and found a very high proportion now identify as LGBT+.

The report, “Millennial Attitudes on LGBT Issues: Race, Identity, and Experience”, found that “approximately 14% of Millennials identify as LGBTQ.”


It states: “Larger percentages of Latinx Millennials (22%) identify as LGBTQ compared with African Americans (14%), whites (13%), and Asian Americans (9%).

“Majorities of Asian Americans (53%) and Latinxs (61%) say there is “a lot” of discrimination against lesbians and gays in their racial community, compared to 43% of African Americans and 27% of whites.

“Majorities of African Americans (58%) and Asian Americans (64%) and pluralities of Latinxs (49%) and whites (47%) say there is ‘a lot’ of discrimination against transgender people in their racial community.”

Speaking to NBC News, researcher Vlad Medenica said: “We were excited that the differences emerged. Often millenials are talked about as a monolithic or homogeneous group where everyone is more or less the same.

“One of the aims of our survey is to dig a bit deeper and see how race and ethnicity shape people’s experiences.

“The fact that Latinx millennials are least likely to identify as straight is a reflection of how important exploring this difference is.”


The report found that attitudes towards LGBT+ issues among millennial are largely liberal across race groups, with clear majorities of Millennials saying they could accept their son
or daughter being LGBT+, though some negative attitudes remain.

The authors concluded: “While in each of these areas Millennials are generally supportive and hold ,predominantly liberal attitudes, we have found variation by race and ethnicity that is
important for a fuller understanding of Millennials and their attitudes.

“Our data also suggest that even though on most issues Millennials are ready to support a progressive agenda of equality, significant numbers of young adults also believe that ‘the
increasing acceptance of homosexuality in our society is causing a deterioration of morality.’

“We expect that many will see this last finding as contradicting much of the support for more liberal policies we have recorded.


“We know from the research on public opinion that individuals often, for some too often, hold what might be perceived as contradictory positions.

“In this case, it may be that a small but significant group of Millennials believe in the general pursuit of equality for all groups, while also believing that the society’s continued acceptance of homosexuality (not individual LGBT people) is deteriorating the morality of the nation.

“We would remind readers troubled by this finding that majorities of Millennials across race, ethnicity and sexual identity disagreed with this position, and believe that there is more to do in terms of supporting the equality of LGBT individuals and communities.”

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