Sometimes the internet is just a truly ridiculous place.

And the latest meme to take over is of no exception.

For those not in the know, the “I’m straight, I’m bi, I’m gay” meme has taken over the queer internet.

The meme, which is styled in an equality and diversity-esque checklist format, offers a box to tick for the sexual orientation of your preference.

But of course, of course the final option, which is created by the Twitter user at large, has fallen into hilarious parody.

Up first, we have the popular “never gonna give you up” riff.

Moving past the traditional Rick Astley take, we also have as many inane pop lyrics as possible to fill in the ‘choose your own sexuality’ category.

(If it doesn’t quite make sense yet, then do bear with us.)

And of course, what are we without the archetypal Britney reference?

Okay, so it doesn’t make the most sense in the world… but it’s still pretty effing hilarious.

Even queer pop sensation Perfume Genius has got involved.

Oh, and Will and Grace.

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