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13 Reasons Why Season 2 returns: the queer hits you might have missed

Jasmine Andersson May 18, 2018
(Netflix) 13 REASONS WHY

(Netflix) 13 REASONS WHY

Did you know that 13 Reasons Why is back?

Although you’d expect a season to end when its protagonist died by suicide, the show’s creators decided that there was enough mileage in Hannah Baker’s everlasting plan for vengeance that they would give another 13 episodes a try.

Unravelling the aftermath of Hannah’s death, and the revelation to her parents of why exactly she died, the juicy content is both a tragic and addictive watch.

But queer brethren, what’s in it for us? It appears that there’s more queerness to this programme than perhaps first meets the eye…

1. Tony

Okay, so Tony is a solid place to start. The all-seeing, all-knowing gay Latinx spiritual guide of the series seems to be the glue that keeps his High School year together.

Even though Clay, Hannah’s love interest, appears to ignore everything about Tony’s personal life until he shouts that he is gay and proud in his face, hopes are high that he won’t carry that ignorance into the second season.

Will Tony be given his happy gay ending, and will Clay ask his best friend what’s going on in his life? Only time will tell…

2. Courtney

Remember high achiever Courtney?

She fell for Hannah early into the first season, and when she made a failed pass on her she threw her love interest under the bus.

She ended up as one of the thirteen reasons in Hannah’s tapes – and at this present moment, it’s uncertain as to whether she wants to make amends.

Although news of her identifying as a lesbian has slowly started to permeate the friendship group, it appears that she’s more interested in social climbing than getting to the bottom of the tapes.

Will the second season ditch the evil lesbian trope? Here’s hoping we can find some inspiration in the struggling Courtney.

3. Brandon Flynn

(Netflix) 13 REASONS WHY

He may play jock bro misogynistic supremo Justin Foley in the show, but actor Brandon Flynn is openly gay and happily dating musician Sam Smith.

Not only does the role change dismiss some pretty corrosive stereotypes about how men are meant to appear and act, but it’s a big win for gay actors in some prevalent small-screen roles.

Speaking of…

4. Tommy Dorfman

(Getty) 13 reasons why

Tommy Dorfman, who plays Ryan Shaver in the series, is also openly gay and non-binary.

A vocal gay rights activist, Dorfman said that it is important to him to be out at the start of his career.

“I think it’s really important to be vocal in the South, within these communities,” he told The Advocate.

“I could’ve deleted everything and hidden my husband in a closet and decided to go that route — and I work with people who’ve done that.

I work with gay people who choose to not to advocate for gay rights and choose to not be open about their sexuality… but I feel it’s important to be outspoken, especially in the political climate we have right now.”

5. Hannah’s potential sexual fluidity

The lead of the show may no longer be with viewers, but her little-discussed sexual dalliance with Courtney suggests that the star of the show might have had queer tendencies.

In spite of Hannah’s diminished presence in the new season, we hope that the narratives around questioning your sexual identity will be expiated in what remains in the drama.

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