For some people, figuring out your sexual identity is relatively simple.

Realised that you only get hot and bothered for women? There are labels for that. Just men? Ditto.

Whether you’re attracted to more than one gender or all genders, you’re covered.

Ireland lesbians kiss
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But finding a way to describe your own particular place on the spectrum of sexuality is tough if doesn’t fit neatly into a pre-existing category.

One Twitter user, Eleni, has gone viral with her struggles in dealing with this dilemma.

She wrote: “yes i am bisexual. that means i’m into [checks notes] three male celebrities, this one dude that was nice to me at the gas station in 2013, and every single woman to ever exist.”


The post has attracted around 200,000 retweets and likes, which shows how many people can see themselves in Eleni’s tweet.

She clarified below that the viral post had been part of her journey towards defining her sexual identity, rather than attempt to throw shade at women who don’t want to call themselves lesbians for whatever reason.

Eleni wrote that “it was actually my way of lowkey coming out as a lesbian 2.0.”

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