A mum finally accepted her bisexual daughter because of Love, Simon and it’s gone viral

Josh Jackman April 17, 2018
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Love, Simon has prompted a mother to finally, tearfully accept her bisexual daughter as who she is – and it’s gone viral.

The Twitter thread – the first tweet of which received more than 92,000 retweets and likes – details Jade’s four-year journey from battling prejudice and attempts to make her straight all the way to tears of joy.


Love, Simon has had a massive effect on audiences, not least on celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and Kristen Bell, who bought out screenings.

It has made more than twice the amount it cost to create, according to Box Office Mojo.

(Love, Simon)

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And 18-year-old Jade tweeted that it was only when she saw Love, Simon with her mum that she received the acceptance she had first asked for four years ago.

She wrote that “in 2014 I came out to my mum as bisexual, & she told me she would never look at me the same.”


“I cried in the bathroom for 6 hours & my entire family ignored me for days. I was called disgusting & my dad told me I’d ‘get over it eventually’, my mum tried to force me to be straight.”

Jade continued: “in 2016 I told my mum I had a crush on a girl, we cried in a parking lot & she told me she wasn’t okay with it, I asked the girl out anyways.


“In 2017 I flew over 4000 miles to meet this girl as we celebrated being together for over a year, we had our first kiss: on a ferris wheel.”


If those pictures don’t make you smile, you may be dead inside.

Another year later, and her mum was ready to change her tune.


“It’s 2018,” Jade wrote, “tonight I saw Love, Simon with my mum, after a 4 year journey of teaching her to love me for who I am.”


The teenager said that “she grabbed my hand in the theatre while simon came out to his family, & mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ to me with tears in her eyes because when I came out I never got acceptance.”


And there was even more to come from this incredibly sweet story.

Jade said that “when we were leaving the theatre she talked to me about my girlfriend proudly without caring that other people could hear us, something she would’ve never done even just a year ago.”


Jade continued: “my mum had always been mad at me for not coming out sooner, she had been mad because I was different, but Love, Simon gave her a glimpse on how hard it is to accept yourself as someone in the lgbt+ community.”

She added that “tonight my mum has accepted me more than she ever has.”


The teenager added with gratitude: “I’m so sorry to anyone who will never have the amount of acceptance I have in my life, even though it isn’t perfect I know it’s better than what a lot of people have.


“I’m just really thankful for this movie and for the representation and love that came from it.”

Another mother who wasn’t quite so accepting went viral earlier this month after trying to talk her daughter out of being gay “by telling her she’d have to go through life w/out someone to open jars for her.”

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