This savage tweet about a homophobic mum’s argument against being gay has gone viral

Josh Jackman April 11, 2018
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(Pexels and Twitter/gabrielle_korn)

Homophobes have come up with many reasons for LGBT people not to live their best lives.

Just this year, we’ve heard that gay people are mostly Satanists who secretly control the economy, that gay people cause poverty and homelessness, and – in a more traditional vein – that they’re going to hell “unless they repent of their sins.”

But one tweet has captured an intriguing – and easily debunkable – reason.


Gabrielle Korn, editor-in-chief at Nylon magazine, tweeted: “I dated a girl in college whose mom tried to talk her out of being gay by telling her she’d have to go through life w/out someone to open jars for her.”

She added: “At the time it was upsetting but in hindsight I kind of love that jar opening was the only use for men she could think of.”

For anyone out there keeping score, this is an example of the rarely-seen double burn, with both the anti-gay mother and men becoming justified targets for Korn’s wrath.


And, to be honest, it’s difficult to think of many other uses for men.

She clarified afterwards that the opinions of her ex-girlfriend’s mother had – thankfully – not impacted her love life in any way.

“For the record everyone I have been opening my own jars ~if you know what I mean~ just fine for 11 years,” she wrote.


When people came back to her to suggest that there was possibly one other use for men, she put them right.

“I’m glad so many of you are bringing up *reaching for things that are high up* as a use,” wrote Korn.

“Last week my girlfriend picked me up so I could grab a wine bottle that had rolled to the back of the top of the fridge.

“I’m 5’4″ she’s 5’7″ and together we’re unstoppable.”


That’s pretty damn inspirational, we reckon.

And we’re not the only ones.

The tweet has attracted more than 68,000 retweets and around 400,000 likes.


And many of the people who responded had their own tales of self-sufficiency which did not include men.

One person wrote: “I’m a married hetero woman and my husband comes to me to open jars.”

Another said: “My wife opens my jars and gets things from high cabinets for me.


“Marry a tall woman, folks. They’re pretty handy.”

One person told a brilliant anecdote, writing: “My grandmother used to call those rubber squares you use to open jars ‘rubber husbands’ and that’s always seemed hilarious to me.”



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