A professor has gone viral after responding with a fantastic answer to a homophobic question from one of his students.

A medical student in Wisconsin recounted the story to his Twitter followers on Thursday.

“Today in one of our med classes we talked about LGBT patients and the professor isn’t taking anyone’s s**t,” @ZachsClubClinic wrote, before describing the interaction.


“Student: What if we don’t feel comfortable treating someone following that lifestyle?

“Professor: Find a different career”.

Brutal in the best way – and completely correct.

Speaking to PinkNews, the Twitter user said: “Oh jeez, I didn’t expect anyone to actually write about it, I don’t even use my real name on here.


“But I guess I just thought it was a brilliant way to shut him down.

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“I’m originally from Zambia, where homosexuality is illegal, so being in an environment now where a professor can just openly shut someone down like that is relieving in a way.”


He said it felt “weird” but good to go viral, considering that his cousin is transgender.

“This account was made just to get out thoughts and keep in contact with some people, I never really intended it to have anything be popular,” he wrote.

“But I have a transgender cousin so I suppose if I’m gonna go viral, standing by LGBT people is a good reason to.”


He also said that the professor in question was “a really cool guy.”

“A little bit of a boring droll voice, but still a cool guy,” said @ZachsCubClinic.

As the tweet blew up, attracting more than 110,000 retweets and likes, the med student wrote: “The fact that this went viral and the comments make me feel like the situation was supposed to result in everyone clapping and standing.

“Sorry to disappoint you all but all that happened was some snickers, an embarrassed student, and then moving on,” he added.


Presciently, he tweeted this afternoon as this article was being written, saying: “I gained LITERALLY 300 followers overnight and that tweet is at like 80k likes.

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