Hannah Winterbourne and Jake Graf reveal on Good Morning Britain that they want kids – and soon

Josh Jackman March 29, 2018
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Transgender power couple Jake and Hannah Graf have announced that they definitely want to have children, preferably soon.

Hannah, Britain’s highest-ranking transgender soldier, married her long-term partner in a gorgeous Disney-themed wedding this weekend.

The beautiful event was marred by coverage from The Sun, whose headline “Tran and wife” caused outrage, along with the accompanying heading “Jake who used to be a woman weds Hannah who was a man”.

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And the Evening Standard, the Mirror and the Mail Online all published headlines which stated that Jake either “used to be a woman” or “was born a woman”.

Graf, 40, made the couple’s feelings about The Sun’s choices clear, telling PinkNews that they “were obviously very disappointed [to be] let down by such an offensive and garish headline and front page.”

The Sun said it had “no intention to disappoint or offend”.

The couple put this ugliness to one side, appearing on Good Morning Britain this morning to celebrate their love and look to the future.

Jake, who appeared alongside Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl, told the presenters: “I’ve worked as a nanny for the last 20-odd years.

“So I’ve looked after other people’s children, but it’s come to the point where I’d like to have my own.”

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Smiling at his new wife, he said: “Hannah is amazing with children, and we look after my niece and nephew quite a lot.

“So for us, kids is a definite, whether that be surrogacy or adoption, or however we do it.

“We most certainly want to be starting a family at some point, hopefully soon.”


The actor and director, who went viral last year with a short film he wrote and directed called Headspace, also had a message for anyone worried about using the wrong terms around him and Hannah.

“I knew from two and a half to three years old that I was a boy, and I was very vocal about it from a very young age,” he said.

“It is always how I’ve been, and I’ve just had to realign my body to how my mind feels – and I think the same is true of Hannah.

(© Paul Grace)

“We don’t want people to be walking around feeling like they are walking on eggshells or worrying about offending. Occasionally you’ll get it wrong and slip up,” he continued.

“My mother, for years, called me by my old name but it was coming from a place of love, and quite often people want to get it right but don’t have the information.”

He added: “She said a year after me going through my transition that she did cry for her little girl for many months, which obviously was heartbreaking, but she has just been amazing and my own personal cheerleader.”

Hannah said: “Both sets of our parents were very happy, but it took several years for us to work through those processes and understand who we really are.”


And the Army Captain, who came out publicly in 2015, said the military had been “fantastic.

“They’ve had a policy since 1999 to support transgender people.

“The Army really gets it because we have a really difficult job to do and at the end of it the person you want next to you, you want to be good at our job, because that could be a really dangerous situation.”


She continued: “You don’t care whether they’re transgender, gay black or Muslim. It doesn’t matter at all because we focus on our job and our output.

“All my peers were supportive and made sure I was happy and could keep doing my job.”

Watch the interview below:

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