Top 5 questions to ask yourself when choosing the ideal sperm donor

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Choosing a sperm donor is not a choice made lightly – just ask an industry expert.

Choosing a sperm donor can be both a stressful and joyous occasion. It’s important to utilize a sperm bank that not only offers top quality donors, but is supportive to prospective parents throughout their entire journey.

For our readers who are considering starting or growing their family through donor sperm, we asked Xytex Cryo International, an industry leading sperm bank, for advice to ensure your decision is one you cherish for a lifetime.

Xytex Fact Box:

1. Xytex is the only sperm bank to provide you with a complete picture of donors, giving you access to both baby and adult photos for a better idea of your future child’s appearance.

2. Xytex also provides extensive hereditary and genetic testing of all donors to ease prospective parents’ minds.

3. Xytex has a clinical licensed psychologist and licensed clinical social worker evaluating donors.

Here are the five key questions to ask yourself when searching for your ideal donor.

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1) How does your sperm bank screen/test its donors?

Make sure to choose a sperm bank where all sperm donors undergo extensive evaluation for hereditary and genetic conditions and are regularly tested for infectious diseases.

But screening shouldn’t stop there. Psychiatric behavioral and personality characteristics should also be evaluated to give you ultimate peace of mind that a donor is your perfect match.

Last, but certainly not least, is the testing of the sperm’s quality—of which Xytex holds to the highest industry standard—giving you greater chances of success with fewer attempts.

2) Does the sperm bank provide photos of the donors as adults, or just babies?

Although the majority of sperm banks have photos of what their donors look like as babies or toddlers, you might want to get a better idea of what your future child might look like as an adult. Xytex provides adult photos of our donors, which along with the in-depth genetic testing and personality evaluation, gives you the most accurate picture of each donor.

Testimonial: “I liked the look of the site, easy to navigate and I love the option of paying a little bit more to see baby photos through adulthood photos of donors.” – Molly C.

3) What are your deal-breaker traits?

While looks are an important place to start when choosing a donor, you must also consider what traits might be potential deal breakers for a donor, such as:

– Whether or not he is an Open ID donor (children receive his contact information when they turn 18)
– If the donor has undergone expanded carrier-testing (if you yourself have tested as a carrier of certain genetic conditions)
– The donor’s CMV status (a common virus that stays with a person for life although it usually remains inactive)

Before you become overwhelmed with all the factors to consider, discuss with your partner what traits you value most and which ones will help you weed out the donors that aren’t right for your family.

4) Have you considered the possibility of future family growth?

Although it can be difficult to try to envision the future when you are focused on simply having a baby now, once a donor’s supply is gone, it’s gone forever. If you want to have more than one child by the same donor, it’s best to buy more vials upfront and then store them for later use. Many sperm banks, including Xytex, offer affordable vial storage options to let you plan your family on your timetable.

“After two IUIs, we got pregnant with our little girl and are so very much in love with her. Siblings to come in a few years!” – Chelsea L.

5) Does the sperm bank support and understand your lifestyle?

It’s important to consider a sperm bank that empowers you throughout your journey to parenthood, giving you the support you need for every step along the way.

Don’t forget that this is supposed to be a joyful and exciting time. When you’re ready to take that first step toward your future family, Xytex is here with the guidance, resources and expertise to help make it an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Testimonial: “Choosing to have a child with them (as opposed to others), was the best and most important decision I have ever made. The entire process was and continues to be one of support and without judgement.” – Lisa F.

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