Antoni from Queer Eye wants you to know that he can cook

Jasmine Andersson March 10, 2018
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Antoni from Queer Eye has put up with a lot of flack lately.

Although he has been crowned as the culinary expert in the Fab 5, he’s been critiqued for teaching his protoges the most simple of recipes – a grapefruit salad, guacamole, and even how to make hot dogs.

But although the guacamole king has been declared charming for a number of other reasons (ahem), it hasn’t stopped The Internet going off in mad fury about Antoni’s suspect cooking prowess.

Perhaps it got to the point where he couldn’t take it any more, perhaps it got to the point that New York Times felt that it was their duty to clear the air, but the truth is out: Antoni may be able to cook, but he is not a chef.

Ending up as a personal assistant for the show’s original food and wine expert, Ted Allen, Antoni was encouraged by the original member of the Fab 5 to put his name forward for his original role.

“He’s like, ‘Antoni, do you really want to do this?’” said Antoni.

“I was like, ‘I don’t know, but I think that I should try.’”

Although his recipes on the show are simple, said the culinary enthusiast, they were simple for good reason.

“Tom Jackson never saw the inside of an avocado before,” he said.

“We had all these other components that we made for that food demo that I wanted to show him how to make if we had a chance to. But when I cut open that avocado, he looked over in this childlike wonder and was actually amazed.”

Although Antoni is no doubt one of the nicest guys going, it does have to be said – even with the keen eyes of the show’s cooking novices nowhere to be found, he still made a pasta and meatballs with tomato sauce for the piece.

Just sayin’…

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