‘Trans lion’ sprouts mane after living life as a lioness

Jasmine Andersson March 2, 2018
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We get asked a lot of questions about homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

Whether its if dogs can be gay, cats can be lesbians, or if blind bisexual gooses should be honoured with a funeral complete with bagpipes and a mayoral send off, we’ve got you covered.

Yet, as Bridget the ‘trans’ lion proves, the mysteries of our animal brethren still continue to amaze us.

Bridget, who is a ripe 18-year-old lion, has sprouted a mane to the confusion of the veterinarians at Oklahoma City Zoo.

The lioness, who is completely unfazed by her handsome hairy addition, has astounded vets as she is living a healthy, unhindered life.

“At first, you’re kind of like, well, that’s a little different,” said Jennifer D’Agostino, the zoo’s director of veterinary services to Indy100.

“Then it kind of kept going to the point where it was like, wow, it looks like she’s growing a mane,” she added.

Although the vets have no intention to remove the mane, they are concerned that the sudden sprout could indicate a spike in testosterone which could suggest the lion has a tumour.

After a lengthy battle to secure a blood sample from Bridget, they are currently running tests to see if the lion – who has lived four years past her life expectancy – is fit and healthy.

However, if the spike indicates nothing that will hinder the animal’s quality of life, then the zookeepers will let Bridget enjoy her mane in peace.

“If it’s not going to affect her health in any way,” D’Agostino said, “the fact that she has a little bit of a mane is not that big a deal.”

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